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  • Since yesterday we have had this problem with our wordpress-powered site:

    When trying to click any links on the main page, You get a bunch of Errorsafe pop-up-windows that are trying to get You download Errorsafe on Your computer.

    Any one else having the same problem? Is it wordpress- related at all? What to do with it?

    I have scanned my computer, no problem in there.

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  • When you say “I have scanned my computer, no problem in there.” I assume that you mean you have scanned it for viruses. That is true, Errorsafe is NOT a virus. It is adware. You need to use some kind of spyware removal tool; my personal preference is Spybot Search & Destroy. If you Google Errorsafe, you’ll find at least one page with instructions on how to remove the adware and it’s popups.

    What I mean is that the problem is probably not in my local computer.

    The problem is site-related:
    Anyone coming to our site gets Errorsafe pop-ups and is redirected to Errorsafe or Systemdoctor pages that are trying to get them to uppload their fake virusprogramme.

    So I think there is a virus on our pages that hijacks the router.

    So far I have found these pieces of information:
    – Winantivirus 2004-2007, Systemdoctor 2005-2007, Ultimate Defender 3 variants, all 3 also hijack your router:

    – Redirect hack with xss:

    – Your new friend is a worm:

    So the question is, if the reason of the problem is on our pages, how to get rid of it?

    Answering myself:

    Our web host said the problem was in a .htaccess file. That file did not come from us.

    Our site is working OK at the moment.

    Hi, I was having a similar to yours and initially I resolved it by clearing the .htaccess file but now those popups are returning and its hidden away somewhere else other than .htaccess file. Anyone else got the same problem or solution to this?


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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