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    Using Brunelleschi template and have kept up to date on all updates for themes and plugins.

    Starting last Sunday, I have noticed problems with commenting on the blog. First, when I commented on my own blog here last Sunday:

    the comment form wouldn’t pop up. It resolved on its own and I was able to comment.

    I haven’t had a problem since then, but two people have reported issues. So far ONLY two, but who knows if there have are people who just haven’t bothered to email me. Unfortunately, I don’t know what posts the two were trying to comment on. One person told me on Monday that when they tried to comment, it wouldn’t go through, and they got a message saying that the page could not be found.

    Today (Friday) someone else reported the same thing, saying that the comment wouldn’t go through and they’d get a message saying the search could not be found.

    I could really use some advice on where to start looking for a solution. I use Jetpack for comments (it’s updated) and also have recently added Bulletproof Security and WordPress Firewall 2. But maybe it’s some other issue or a plugin or something.

    Where do I even start?

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    I don’t think you have any problems. It seems the firewall is blocking suspicious-looking links. I just posted a comment HERE. Just check it.

    I see your comment on my blog, thanks.

    Maybe both the commenters have suspicious IPs or are using an ISP on a spam blacklist. I’ll check into that next.

    Hopefully the update I did to Jetpack this afternoon has helped, too.




    Maybe both the commenters have suspicious IPs or are using an ISP on a spam blacklist.

    Possibly, that may be the reason. Just check the spam queue and un-spam the good comments. They won’t face problems again.

    Also, I think your comments setup is working fine. Don’t need any changes.

    Neither one ended up in my spam queue. Akismet has never identified them as spam before, both of these people have been able to post comments on my blog until recently.

    Both got errors when they clicked “post” telling them the page (or search) could not be found. If that’s an anti-spam thing, it must be from my webhost because it’s not from my own anti-spam program (i.e. Akismet).




    The blockade may be from their computers/ browsers, or even from the hosting configuration, their ISPs, etc. Ask them to use some other computers, browsers, etc. to narrow down to the possible cause.

    If I could post the comment without any problems, that means, most of all others shall also be able to do so.

    I’m going to mark my thread as resolved — that second Jetpack update seemed to fix the problem.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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