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    Thank you for sharing your software.

    We use this on a site that also uses NewRelic’s great reporting service. NewRelic reports “errors” in 87% of requests. Turns out it traces back to WordFence

    In lib/wfDB.php, line 65: $this->queryIgnoreError(“SET GLOBAL max_allowed_packet=256*1024*1024”);

    This can not work if my DB user does not have the “SUPER” privilege, which I am not keen on giving, since I do not know the implications.

    I was wondering what you think of that, whether you already knew about this problem, and whether you think it is a problem worth solving, or is it safe to ignore it.

    Thank you!

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  • Just a small follow-up – I asked a little bit about this on #mysql on freenode, and the consensus there was that it is a bad idea for a app-level DB user to ever have the SUPER privilege.

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