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  • I currently only have 19 blogs setup and I wanted to assign permissinos to 7 of them for when people initially register.

    I currently have 30k members on the blog.

    the problem is I change the usergroup of just one blog and click submit. The script tries to do it’s thing, I can see the sever load skyrocket, but ends up timing out in the end and never works. I am always returned to a blank screen. When I refresh the page, the settings are always back to where they were.

    Is there a way of getting the plugin to ‘not’ change the current members but only use these settings for future members so that it has a chance of working?

    30,000 users is not all that big a list, and this is a dedicated server with more than enough resources. I have to imagine that there might be something wrong somewhere?

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  • I have over 50,000 in WordPress and I’m getting out of memory errors now with WP 3.5.1. At this point I’d rather not roll back to 3.3.1 and deal with potential hacking attempts. It may be due to a join problem. There is no reason a query should do this (my memory_limit is set to 1GB)

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 268435456 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 71 bytes) in /home/mysite/public_html/wp-includes/meta.php on line 574

    Both the multisite user management and orphanage plugins choke now and new sites can’t get a default role set.

    I don’t have memory problems as severe as you are saying and I am running a number of plugins. The resource levels used with this plugin is rather high though, but it provides me functionality that I absolutely must have so I have no choice about using it. I do wish it were more efficient. The author is such a great coder that I just hope someday to have an update to maybe address some of these ‘issues’.

    bumping as I am still fighting this problem and my site is gaining more members every hour making it even more problematic. I’d hate to loose the functionality of this plugin, but at this rate, I will have to remove it fairly soon or the resource use will just be to high.

    Please consider fixing this.

    I appear to be having time-out issues with IE9 users as a result of this plugin. Still testing.

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