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  • Issue Summary

    When I install WP as a multisite (subdomain or subdirectory), there are some problems (for all user roles):

    1. When I edit a post, it gives an error when trying to save the changes. “The response is not a valid JSON response.” There are several console errors logged, related to …/wp-includes/js/dist/vendor/wp-polyfill.min.js?ver=7.4.4
    2. The pages of the subsites cannot be viewed on the frontend, except for the homepage (not even after syncing the domains to the hosts file and after flushing the permalinks settings).


    It only happens for a multisite install (subdomain as well as subdirectory).


    I tried several times, with fresh installs and new WP subsites.

    System Details

    Local version 5.10 to 5.10.3 on a Mac Big Sur 11.2.3 (and 11.2.2)

    I have made an issue on the Local by Flywheel community forum, including a log file:

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