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  • I purchased a theme on Envato, known as “Groppe”. In purchasing this theme, I honestly thought that everything would be smooth sailing, however I was most certainly wrong. Everything has become increasingly difficult and I really need an appropriate level of support in order to have my website published and up and running by the due date. My initial problem was uploading my theme. I attempted to upload it, however continued to get the error message that the size of the file was too big. After looking through multiple forums and support sites, I couldn’t find a fix for this. I the contacted, who said that they were unable to help me as they aren’t permitted to provide support. I was in contact with a “Happiness Engineer” and they hand balled me onto a link that supposedly had the fix for this issue that so many people were affected by – upload file size. I copied in some code that I had found on this link that I was referred to which was supposedly going to allow me to increase my file upload size, however it only made matters worse. After copying the code, I attempted to reload the page and was only presented with an error message, as follows: Unable Found The requested URL /harambeewebsitesign/wordpress/ was not found on this server. Apache/2.4.27 (Win64) PHP/5.6.31 Server at localhost Port 80. This has become a growing problem for me as I cannot seem to fix this. I tried making a new database and deleting the one that I had made that caused this problem, however the problems persists, and I cannot fix it. I’ve again had to contact many people however still haven’t been able to fix the problem. I really need someone to assist me, whether it be over some form of live chat or on the phone. I actually can no longer wait for responses on emails as I am under time constraints that require this website to be finished. I do not mean to be at all rude however I really need this sorted out. I was not, when purchasing the theme, under the impression that the process would be this painful, and I really need it sorted. I appreciate the assistance of whoever can help.

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  • Hello @benrobbo11

    As i can see the description, you have lot of problems and issues going out there. The Localhost is showing error because you must have messed up the the server configuration file of your localhost server.

    Can you please share the code snippet and where you have added the code snippet(in which file)?

    So i can troubleshoot the issues in a proper way.

    Thank You

    Firstly the most appropriate support source for purchased themes is from the theme vendor, they have the experience and access to source code. However your issue is not specific to your theme, it is about installing themes on localhost. Since it is a localhost site you do not need to do the upload of the archive within WordPress to install a theme, rather I would extract the archive and install the files using the native server’s file manager. Installing files by FTP using filezilla is also often an option (if you have FTP access).

    Is your webserver working on the standard free themes ? Like 2017 etc ? Make sure you can walk before you try and fly.
    Can you even view your “readme.html” file ?

    If you need hands on support you could try and find someone at a local meetup group, or post a job on “”

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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