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  • Plugin Author chaladi


    The plugin is working fine. Let me know your URL. Or send details to Will check the problem.

    Thank you

    If the plugin worked fine, there would not be that error in screenshot.
    Enable WP_Debug, and please escape everything you save into DB.

    Using v1.8 of your plugin

    Plugin Author chaladi


    Even with wp_debug true I didnt see any error. And the plugin is live on 7 of my customers without any problem. There must be a problem with your site configuration. Arrange a skype session to look into your problem.

    My skype: gopalchaladi

    Thank you

    I have the same problem! All pages (backend and frontend) with this message on the top of pages:

    prefix . "bp_profilevisits"; $makecount=false; //echo "
    ".bp_displayed_user_id()." - ". bp_loggedin_user_id()."
    "; if($user_id!=0 and $user_id!= bp_loggedin_user_id()){ if(isset($_SESSION['profile_visit'])){ if(!in_array(bp_displayed_user_id(), $_SESSION['profile_visit'])){ $makecount=true; $_SESSION['profile_visit'][]=$user_id; } }else{ $makecount=true; $_SESSION['profile_visit']=array(); $_SESSION['profile_visit'][]=$user_id; } $sql="select views from $table_name where userid=$user_id"; $view_count = $wpdb->get_var( $sql); $view_count=$view_count?$view_count:0; if($makecount){ if($view_count<1){ $sqli="insert into ".$wpdb->prefix . "bp_profilevisits values(NULL, $user_id, 1)"; $wpdb->query( $sqli); $view_count=1; }else{ $view_count++; $sql="update $table_name set views=$view_count where userid=$user_id"; $wpdb->query($sql); } } } echo"
    Total Profile Visits: $view_count
    "; } ?>

    I found the problem…

    Open the file: buddypress-profile-views\includes\bp_views_core.php

    in the first line the file start with: <?
    you need to change it to: <?php

    Now all work fine

    Nice Plugin…just one issue…The profile views are displaying too low beneath the avatar..How to shift it up a bit..using CSS ?

    Plugin Author chaladi


    Thanks Guys,

    The issue is solved now.

    @blackspiritofc I added a class(bp_profile_views) to the div. Just write css to fix your problem.

    Thank you

    Can you release new version too?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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