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  • Resolved Wasim Zadid


    Hey there…!

    It’s been nice to use your plugin… Your support helped me much earlier as well…!
    Although, I’m having a bit problem right now…

    It says –
    “Trying to access array offset on value of type bool in /home/u166991416/domains/ on line 416”

    Can you please tell me, how to solve this issue…?
    Please check this, whenever you’re free… Although, the more faster you can check, it’ll be more convenient for me…

    Additionally, let me tell you, in case needed, another error i”m being shown as well –
    Notice: WP_Service_Worker_Caching_Routes::register was called incorrectly. The plugins configuration key is obsolete. Define Workbox plugin configuration at the top level. Please see Debugging in WordPress for more information. (This message was added in version 0.6.) in /home/u166991416/domains/ on line 5311

    Line 5303 – 5312 :
    5303 – trigger_error(
    5304 – sprintf(
    5305 – /* translators: Developer debugging message. 1: PHP function name, 2:
    Explanatory message, 3: WordPress version number. */
    5306 – __( ‘%1$s was called incorrectly. %2$s %3$s’ ),
    5307 – $function,
    5308 – $message,
    5309 – $version
    5310 – ),
    5311 – E_USER_NOTICE
    5312 – );

    You can check the pic also, here –

    Is this somehow related…? Let me add, I’ve been showing the error from the same date…
    I’ll wait for your suggestion and solution…

    Thanks in Advance…!

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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