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  • Hello
    i’m trying to build an plugin which selects the first image within a post, and resize it to my wanted width/height.

    After i’ve implemented the function image_resize with my filepath i get the following error:

    error_loading_image -> File ….. exists?

    after a google marathon i haven’t found any solution.
    i found that the error message comes from the function “file_exists”…my file exists and there are 777 permissions on uploads/ folder…

    what can i do ? are my images blocked by safe_mods or something else?

    thanks for help

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  • Joke Brandhorst-Portegies


    I have the same problem. My file exists (I have retrieved the dimensions of the image) but the image_resize-function suggests that the file doesn’t exist. Does anybody have an idea?

    Joke Brandhorst-Portegies


    I’ve found it: the imagename had a “http://”-string in it and the file_exists-function that is called from image_resize can’t handle http-protocol. After translating this to a relative pathname everything works fine.

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