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  • Hello,

    As per your advise, I uploaded all the WordPress files (un-zipped files ) including “wp-config-sample.php ” file , successfully to my web site : in public_html directory . Later , after vising the web site , it gave me message to create wp-config.php file MANUALLY, which I created with my MySQL Database username, passward, Host name etc and my Host uploaded the same within Minutes Now, both the above config files are seen on the remote pane of my web site.

    Then, I went straight to Admin area :: / wp-admin /

    But, it took me straight to my Host : >>> of my HOST..It did not take me to the Login page of my web site

    Even i tried >. wp-admin / install.php to INSTALL WORDPRESS . However , this also gave me the ERROR >> ( i.e My Host )

    Can anyone clarify why this ERROR happens ? Is it because of Exhausted PHP Memory which is set for 64M by My Host .?? Does this PHP Memory 64M gets Exhausted IMMEDIATELY after UPLOADING WORDPRESS-3.6 ??

    If I add / DEFINE PHP Memory to 256M in my wp-config.php file on the Remote Pane of my web site without informing my Host : for example :
    define (‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, 256M ); in my Remote wp-config.php file , will it solve the problem ?/

    Please anyone help me


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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