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  • duddy2007


    you made the wrong decision and got an error message when checking the link (YouTube):

    403 Exceeded The Daily Limit. The quota will be reset at midnight Pacific time (PT).

    Oh, my God, when will you finally make the right decision?
    Just a custom field for your own youtube API?
    it’s so easy to do… It’s been 2 updates since I suggested it, but you’re doing it wrong again…
    Pls, make custom field for own youtube API…



    You don’t give any solution to the problem.

    Why do you interfere in the debate?



    Hi I get many errors like this:
    Log: (Using YouTube API)

    400 Bad Request
    Unknown YouTube API response received.

    domain: usageLimits
    reason: keyExpired
    message: Bad Request

    Link is broken.
    but when checking manually, I see that everything works correctly and there is no error.
    How can I fix this error?



    I gave the solution
    but the author of the plugin ignores this simple solution for 2 months…
    make it possible to enter your API in the plugin admin panel
    this solves all problems

    Plugin Support Adam – WPMU DEV Support



    I hope you’re having a fine day!

    @almendron, @christianflap

    Since there’s been an issue with API key earlier before that last release, the release included a new key which was supposed to fix those problems. Apparently though, as it’s not the first report that we’re getting about it, there might be too low quota or some aspect or Google app may need some “fine tuning” on our end. I’ve already reported it to our developers as a priority issue so they could take care of it.


    Thank you for your feedback. I’ve already responded to you in other ticket. Point taken and there’s really no need to repeat it. I’ve asked our developers if they could prioritize adding that API key option so we would get it done soon.

    Kind regards,




    Thanks for responding and thanks for updating the plugin. With it I control 152005 links 🙂

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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