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  • ryknow23


    I am now getting an error that does not allow me to login to my wordpress dashboard. Here is the error:
    “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘*’ in D:\HostingSpaces\myUserName\myDomainName\wwwroot\zwp\wp-content\plugins\search-and-replace\inc\Page\SqlImport.php on line 218″

    I have used the generic myUserName and myDomainName for the actual names.

    Here are the lines 210-223 from the file SqlImport.php:

    210 private function parse_size( $size ) {

    212 // Remove the non-unit characters from the size.
    $unit = preg_replace( ‘/[^bkmgtpezy]/i’, ”, $size );
    214 // Remove the non-numeric characters from the size.
    $size = preg_replace( ‘/[^0-9\.]/’, ”, $size );
    216 if ( $unit ) {
    // Find the position of the unit in the ordered string which is the power of magnitude to multiply a kilobyte by.
    218 return round( $size * ( 1024 ** stripos( ‘bkmgtpezy’, $unit[0] ) ) );
    return round( $size );


    I never edited this file before the error. I am just a newbie with regard to this stuff so I am in the dark as to why this has occurred. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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  • Plugin Support Guido Scialfa


    Hi @ryknow23,

    Sorry to hear you have this problem.
    I think the best way to get your login page work correctly is to rename the plugin directory wp-content/plugins/search-and-replace/ to wp-content/plugins/_search-and-replace/ (note the underscore in the name of the plugin directory).

    WordPress not seeing the directory will deactivate the plugin. This should allow you to login again.

    Regarding the problem I think the error could caused by strpos that could return
    false along with a number.

    Which version of php are you running? From a test you can see here problem doesn’t happen in php >= 5.6.x

    If you can instead of rename the plugin directory name you can upgrade your php version but I would suggest you to not do that until you have tested all of the plugins and themes you use are compatible with the newer version of php you can update to.

    Let us know.



    Hi Guido,

    Thank you for your help. I didn’t change the folder name but I upgraded my PHP version and now it works. I think what happened is that I am converting my old asp website over to WordPress (PHP) and in the process I deleted the web.config file that had all the settings in there. So the website defaulted back to an old version of PHP as well as other things. Does this make sense?

    I was going to follow these instructions ( but never got anywhere after I deleted the old files from the root folder. In the process I deleted the web.config file. So I guess I should leave that web.config file in there as I delete all the other files. Is this correct? Once I change the URLs I was then planning on moving the WordPress files from the “zwp” folder to the root folder, then changing the permalinks settings, then use Search and Replace to change those links to the new location. Does this sound correct? Any help is appreciated.

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