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  • Hi there!

    My website threw a critical error, and I narrowed it down to the following: There were too many components selected that were not in stock that many times.

    1) Unpurchasable products are not shown.
    2) Same products for the components are allowed.
    3) Components are taken from a category.
    4) The default option is not always in stock.

    The PROBLEM:
    The problem now is that, for 7 out of 13 components, it shows the same product (probably the top in the Category, since the Default Option is out of stock). However, when there are not 7 in stock of that particular product, WooCommerce throws a critical error the moment you want to add this composite to the cart.

    The WORKAROUND for now:
    I have disallowed same products for components. Customers now get a warning that they need to select 12 different components and until then the Add to Cart button is greyed out.

    Desired SOLUTIONS for the workaround:
    1) When the Default Option is out of stock for more than 1 component, it should show different new default options so that the composite does not look like it has 7 times the same component. Just take the next-in-line from the category, or something like that?
    2) When there are, let’s say, 3 of a product in stock, it should not allow more than 3 components to have that product selected. I know that this means that the plugin needs to do constant stock re-checking and this is probably bad for server performance. Is there any other solution?

    Many thanks for your assistance. Please let me know if I need to elaborate a bit more, or better!

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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