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    Here is a list of my plugins…

    More so optimization plugins? I keep getting this error:

    The Page Cache add-in file advanced-cache.php is not a W3 Total Cache drop-in. It should be removed.

    Advanced Database Cleaner
    Akismet Anti-Spam
    Coming Soon Page, Maintenance Mode, Landing Pages & WordPress Website Builder by SeedProd
    Contact Form 7
    CSS Hero
    Custom Fonts
    Easy Google Fonts
    EWWW Image Optimizer
    Hide Admin Bar From Front End
    Limit Login Attempts Reloaded
    Mailchimp for WooCommerce
    Media Sync
    Max Mega Menu – Pro Addon
    Max Mega Menu
    Fonts Plugin | Google Fonts Typography
    Permalink Manager for WooCommerce
    Plugin Organizer
    Regenerate Thumbnails
    Responsive Accordion And Collapse
    Reveal IDs
    Security Headers
    Page Builder by SiteOrigin
    SiteOrigin Premium
    SiteOrigin CSS
    SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle
    SSL Insecure Content Fixer
    SSL Secure Seal for WooCommerce
    W3 Total Cache
    WooCommerce Speed Drain Repair – WP Fix It
    What The File
    WooCommerce Stripe Gateway
    WooCommerce PayPal Payments
    WooCommerce Shipping & Tax
    WooCommerce Social Login
    WooCommerce Square
    WP Header Images
    WP-Optimize – Clean, Compress, Cache
    WP Reset
    WP User Manager
    WPForms Lite
    WPS Hide Login
    YITH WooCommerce Wishlist
    Yoast SEO`

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  • Do you happen to have any of the caching functionality that WP-Optimize provides enabled?

    advanced-cache.php is used by various caching plugins to intercept certain requests so that the plugin can serve up its cached content as quickly & efficiently as possible (similar to db.php, object-cache.php, and other “drop-ins”.) Of course, you can only have one at a time since you can’t pull from two sets of caches to display a single webpage.

    I’d double-check the WP-Optimize settings to make sure nothing’s interfering with W3TC (it really shouldn’t have any caching enabled or any other feature you’d want to use W3TC for instead [browser caching, minify/combine, lazy loading, etc.], if being enabled at all.)

    If it’s still showing as an error. Delete the file from the wp-content folder so that W3TC is able to add its own file in that spot. The error should go away after that (assuming WP-Optimize is properly disabled so it doesn’t try adding its own caching back.)

    I don’t think I saw any plugins in that list other than WP-Optimize that would be causing a conflict.

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    Thanks. I just uninstalled W3 seems that Wp-optimize might be a better option.

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    WP-Optimize has only fairly recently added page caching, minify/combine, lazy load, etc. with some features locked behind a paid upgrade that W3TC has for free (while missing others like object/DB caching, comprehensive browser caching rule management, CDN integrations, etc.) WP-Optimize adding these features recently is somewhat like feature creep (heck, they even just added image compression) from what that plugin originally was for (then not really doing any one thing exceptionally well.) It used to be all about cleaning a site’s database (which it’s great at), and only expanded to add those features after they got acquired (likely where the group that got it saw the great name & foothold the original plugin had and started shoving all “optimize” related features into it.)

    IMO, that kinda goes against the idea of WordPress being modular. I’d much rather have a more capable & flexible caching plugin that’s dedicated to that and has been improving on that for years (W3TC in this case). Another plugin for image compression, another for database cleanup, etc. (without overdoing it) where they’re all dedicated at being the best in that area and you’re not beholden to one plugin that tries to do it all & doesn’t do any of it as good as it could. On a related note, Jetpack acknowledged this and has started breaking its features out into individual plugins while WP-Optimize is oddly going in that bad direction Jetpack went down & learned to not do.

    The chart showing WP-Optimize being the best in their screenshots is misleading because they don’t have an image compression plugin to accompany W3TC and others (among many other factors that could really vary those other scores.) They have numbers showing them the best when they show the other plugins without a similar buildout when you really could have a buildout with W3TC (best caching & monody/compress), ShortPixel (best image compression), Jetpack (great asset CDN), WP-Sweep (keep comparable database cleaning), and Cloudflare (full site CDN which W3TC integrates with), for example (where each of those are interchangeable), that could easily outperform WP-Optimize without it really being all that much more to manage and all doable with zero added cost.

    Plugin Contributor Marko Vasiljevic


    Hello @sangredeespana

    Thank you for reaching out.
    advanced-cache.php is a drop-in file used by the caching plugins that have a Page Caching option.
    So as you may already know you have had two caching plugins active at the same time using the same Page caching option.
    As for your choice to remove W3TC, I would just like to thank @kzeni for a detailed explanation and I would not add anything there.
    I hope that you will change your decision and re-install W3 Total Cache to achieve the best possible speed and performance for your website, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!


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