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  • I actually have two questions and I’ll just cut straight to the point.
    My site is using the “Like” plugin as of yesterday and I’m quite happy with the fact is fixes the thumbnaol problem I’ve been having for yonks.

    Anyway, here’s my two problems:

    1. I just want the “Like” Button at the bottom of my post, not under near the exerpt on the homepage, or anywhere else, just at the bottom of my post
    I have tried just ticking all of them, and unticking to find the appropriate solution – either way it doesn’t seem to work the way I want it to.

    2. Is related to the above question, if it cannot be fixed.
    If it can’t be fixed, and I am left with the “Like” button under the excerpt of the article on the homepage – then can I have it laid out so that it doesn’t push the “Comments” information over to the right.
    If you see what I mean the bracket “{0 Comments}” is starting on the edge of the left, and continuing on the next line. This is unpleasant on the eye and I would like it directly below (if the above problem can’t be fixed).

    I’m guessing both of those problems have something to do with a little snippet of code, and their placements?

    Help is appreciated as always.

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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