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  • So this is what I’ve done thus far.

    1. Downloaded the Akismet plugin.
    2. Acquired two different API’s (Confirmed with Matt that they are indeed “valid”)
    3. Enabled the plugin
    4. Typed in the API and received this error for both API’s: “Your key appears invalid. Double-check it.”

    I’ve emailed back and forth with Matt once or twice and he had a few ideas, but I think he’s really busy working with WP2. Which is fine. He said something about it being my hosting’s problem. I use And think it would be hard to believe they would do something to complicate software.

    Has anyone else had this problem and/or found a solution?

    Are there other plugins that interfere with Akismet.

    I am ready to start taking care of my spam, but it’s getting pretty frustrating…


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  • I finally got around to getting an API key and I’m having the same problem on two different installations at two different servers. The plugin appears to be fine, but I get the same error as above. Any thoughts anyone?

    Any thoughts anyone?

    One. You might try contacting the devs about it.

    I have contacted them (Matt). A bunch of times.

    I presume they are still mad busy with WP2…

    That is the only reason I posted here. Apologies if I was not supposed to do that.

    I just input my key again and now it works. I changed absolutely nothing with my setup, so I am left to believe something changed from the other end. Perhaps there was a database problem on the Akismet end? I dunno, but it works now. You might try again, piginzen…

    And no need to apologize. It’s just that with a problem like this, there’s little that can be suggested.

    Lucky. I just tried again and it still wont work.

    piginzen, how are you doing the key entry? Are you copy n pasting from something, like the web page, an email, a word processor, notepad?

    i am copy n’ pasting from HORDE (my web email program) to Firefox….

    I am having this same issue… it says that the key is not valid and I just got it 5 mins ago

    is it not valid upon deployment?

    I think the problem is only for those who have just registered for the api…

    It happened to me too…same error.. after a day… voila.. it works.. patience is the key here 😉

    thanks injinuity… it works now



    I have tried three different keys… It’s also been two weeks since I received the keys…

    Neither works…

    “Your key appears invalid. Double-check it.” is what I get each time I try and enter it.

    Does anyone else have any other ideas?


    I would try typing it in without copy n pasting. Chances are you’re getting some sort of oddball spacing or line feeds or weird unseen characters.

    > Does anyone else have any other ideas?
    How about not using the plugin? Use HashCash etc. I have been pretty successful in spam prevention without Akismet and will continue without it 🙂

    Moderator James Huff


    Does anyone else have any other ideas?

    Contact the developers of Akismet, or (as mentioned above) use one of the many other anti-spam plugins.

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