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  • Resolved JeremyEnglert


    This issue occurs even on pages/posts where the Carousel Block is not used – however, the only way to resolve the error was to disable the Carousel Block plugin.

    Whenever we click on any image block, we would get the “The editor has encountered an unexpected error” issue.

    When we copy the error, we get the following:

    TypeError: this.activateMode is not a function
    at f (
    at (
    at N.d._createModes (,common,admin-bar,jquery-ui-draggable,jquery-ui-button,jquery-ui-dialog,heartbeat,postbox,wp-util,wp-backbone,media-m&load%5B%5D=odels,wp-plupload,wp-mediaelement,media-views&ver=5.2:44:24773)
    at N.d.initialize (,common,admin-bar,jquery-ui-draggable,jquery-ui-button,jquery-ui-dialog,heartbeat,postbox,wp-util,wp-backbone,media-m&load%5B%5D=odels,wp-plupload,wp-mediaelement,media-views&ver=5.2:44:24182)
    at N.d.initialize (,common,admin-bar,jquery-ui-draggable,jquery-ui-button,jquery-ui-dialog,heartbeat,postbox,wp-util,wp-backbone,media-m&load%5B%5D=odels,wp-plupload,wp-mediaelement,media-views&ver=5.2:44:25820)
    at N.d.initialize (,common,admin-bar,jquery-ui-draggable,jquery-ui-button,jquery-ui-dialog,heartbeat,postbox,wp-util,wp-backbone,media-m&load%5B%5D=odels,wp-plupload,wp-mediaelement,media-views&ver=5.2:44:28692)
    at N.d.b.View (
    at N.d.constructor (,common,admin-bar,jquery-ui-draggable,jquery-ui-button,jquery-ui-dialog,heartbeat,postbox,wp-util,wp-backbone,media-m&load%5B%5D=odels,wp-plupload,wp-mediaelement,media-views&ver=5.2:40:2616)
    at N.d.constructor (,common,admin-bar,jquery-ui-draggable,jquery-ui-button,jquery-ui-dialog,heartbeat,postbox,wp-util,wp-backbone,media-m&load%5B%5D=odels,wp-plupload,wp-mediaelement,media-views&ver=5.2:44:23629)
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    We disabled all plugins (besides Carousel Block) and then enabled them one by one. The issue only occurs when Carousel Block and Breadcrumb NavXT are both active.

    Plugin Author virgildia


    @jeremyenglert thank you for reporting this and testing! I was able to reproduce the error after installing the Breadcrumb NavXT plugin. After doing some searching it looks like this is a common error with custom Gutenberg blocks. I will fix this as soon as I can in the next Carousel block plugin version. There isn’t anything you can do on your end for now.

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    Plugin Author virgildia


    @jeremyenglert This issue was fixed. Please update to the latest version of the plugin.

    Thread Starter JeremyEnglert


    Sweet! Appears to be working great. Thanks for the fix!

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