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    I encountered an error when using two different prices (e.g. 25 for mo-fr and 30 for sat and sun). I created the following rates for some object:

    Rate applies to days: Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri, Start days: All
    Price from: 25, Base price: 25

    Rate applies to days: Sat Sun, Start days: All
    Price from: 30, Base price: 30

    Somehow, when booking an object from Friday to Sunday, the plugin calculates the wrong price. The price should be 55, because 25 (from Friday to Saturday) + 30 (from Saturday to Sunday). The plugin calculates 80. I think, the calculation component adds another 25 (from Saturday to Sunday), because the booked period starts from Friday with base-price 25.

    If I change the order of the rates the error does not occur from Pre-Weekend -> Weekend booking but from Weekend -> Post-Weekend Bookings (e.g. Sat until Tue)

    Is there a proper way to setup two different prices for weekdays and weekends?
    Best regards

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    Thank you for the bug report!
    It fixed and price calculation works properly now. Your settings are correct.
    Please, update to BA Book Everything 1.3.9 and check price calculation again.

    Thank you.

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    Thank you very much. The price calculation using two different rates now works as expected :). Thank you very much for you very quick support 🙂

    Furthermore, I encountered another bug when using day-wise price calculations. I have the following booking rule:
    Period: 1 day
    Use ages: No
    Payment: Full
    Deposit 0%
    Booking mode: object

    When booking an object for one day (e.g. from 2019-11-06 to 2019-11-06) I would expect the price to be 30€. Unfortunately, the plugin calculates 0€. I think the first day will be skipped, which is true for the “night” calculation mode, but not for the “day” mode. Or am I doing something wrong?

    Thank you very much for your support.
    Best regards

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    Thanks for your feedback. Your are welcome!
    This time it’s not a bug.
    For daily price calculations “time from” and “time to” field values are also taken into account, as we need to know when the client plans to take the item (car, etc.), and when to return it back. That times are both “00:00” by default in the booking form. So, if we just selected the same “from” date and “to” date, we have rental time range “2019-11-06 00:00 – 2019-11-06 00:00”, that is zero and the plugin calculates 0€. We need also specify “time to” field value greater than “time from” in this case to get correct rental time range and price. You can try a car rental example on our site.

    Hope this helps you.
    Best regards

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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