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  • I was haunted by an error generated by redis cache after a plugin update. The plugin is Formidable Forms and after updating to the last version 3 weeks ago I had strange things happening with my forms and I also lost some data from the database.

    Only today I discovered that disabling redis object cache and enabling it back fixed all my troubles.

    It seems to me that updating plugins does not clear the cache automatically or something is not going well if it clears it. I did not find any other updates to trigger this kind of problems, also from my network only one site was suffering not all of them.

    I expect this bug to be so rare that it would be almost impossible to reproduce. I think if there is any kind of improvement to be done during the general updates it would be welcome.

    Related, with the cache on, I found difficult to switch themes on the same site. Specifically, I was able to switch from the main theme to another for testing purposes but I could not switch back until I disabled the redis object cache. After that I could switch back and then enabled the cache again and all appears in good shape now.

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  • Same issue, version 1.3.5 is stable, 1.3.8 is not.

    I have this issue to.

    I can’t disable plugins from wp-admin and correctly update.

    After last update I have all cpu 100% used by php-fpm and I’ve spent 2 hours to find that it is because of redis. Redis flushall helps with 100% cpu but not with plugin disable.

    Redis 4.0.9
    PhpRedis 3.1.4
    Wordpress lastest

    Thank you in advance

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