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  • Hi,
    In the new version appears a wizard asking to start for getting previous data order I click on Start, it brings me to bottom page I set to all as seen in this picture but I get the message you see in the black popup
    then I go to page 2 of the wizard, I click on Grazie that means Thank you to dismiss this bar but I get this blank page with error
    Can you tell me how I can get rid of this wizard that occupy the one third of screen?
    Please, a simple way because I’m not a developer. I suggest you can add a button to use old version of UI that’s would keep in peace most of us that are not needing all these new technology.

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    @tobifjellner I don’t understand the meaning of what you wrote. Sorry, but english isn’t my motherlanguage. I only wrote if after a week nobody has any hint to solve this problem I have.
    Thanks if you can remove this flag on my account too.

    “Bumping” is a strategy that some people use on social media and various written conference platforms: By adding a short, content-less comment, the original poster attempts to raise their topic to the “top of the list”.

    However, here at the forums this strategy may turn out to be counter-productive:
    – in the general forums, volunteers that help to respond to questions often use a filtered view “topics with no replies” when they want to start providing some help. If you have “bumped” your topic, then it will not be seen there.
    – in plugin/theme specific forums (like here, in the WooCommerce forum), sometimes the support people work from the end of the list. If you keep “bumping” your topic, they may never reach it.

    Also: You need to remember that these forums are volunteer-based. Even if the developer has some people responding to topics, they’re not obliged to do this. And if you have a tricky question, then it’s very possible that a lot of people have seen your question, bot nobody knew the answer, and therefore didn’t respond.

    If it’s hard for you to communicate in English, then you could start by asking in Italian at
    It’s possible that you will not find anyone from the vendor there, but perhaps a volunteer who speaks Italian could give you some ideas on how to trouble-shoot your problem.

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    If my message was bumping maybe it’s due to unstable mobile connection.
    I don’t have any need to send empty message nor I have the time to do it.
    As well as I’m PTE for some plugins that I also do voluntarily like you.
    Anyhow, thanks for explaining me what happen to my message.
    Back to my problem: I saw here in the support that many people complain about the new woocommerce admin UI why don’t set a button that we user can switch off the part not used or not important for us? This is not useful to plugin development having displeased user and it doesn’t increase the selling of add-on. IMHO.
    I wish do you have an easy way to make clean the admin UI of what is redundant.

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