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    We are using private website for our staging clients websites, protected via login/pwd.

    It seems these prevents planned scan to run, since we got error reports by email.

    I’ve failed to find an option to fill login/pwd to get the legit scans authenticated : am I missing something ? Is it something that is not (yet ?) available ?
    Should I setup my pwd protection to ignore authent from specified IP ( ?)

    Thanks for your advices 🙂

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  • Plugin Support Ben Meredith


    Hi @cminettemindoza

    In order for site scans to complete, the site needs to be accessible to the outside internet. We don’t have plans to change that requirement, as (generally speaking) the risks and hacks that Solid Security seeks to prevent are all significantly less likely to happen to a site that is hidden behind an htaccess password.

    I’d recommend, if you want to run a site scan on that site, temporarily remove the password requirement, run the scan, and then reenable the password.

    Also, in the meantime I’d disable scheduled scans and/or the notification emails from those scheduled scans.

    Have a great day!

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