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    When I click Save I get this error

    Sorry, could not insert attachment into media library. WP error:
    File is empty. Please upload something more substantial.

    I am using latest version 1.1.3

    I am also using an aws s3 bucket and the S3-Uploads-master plugin by human made

    I can upload media without any problems normally its only when using drawit do I get this error

    My error log shows this

    PHP message: PHP 2. do_action($tag = *uninitialized*, $arg = *uninitialized*) /var/www/
    PHP message: PHP 3. WP_Hook->do_action($args = *uninitialized*) /var/www/
    PHP message: PHP 4. WP_Hook->apply_filters($value = *uninitialized*, $args = *uninitialized*) /var/www/
    PHP message: PHP 5. drawit->sideload_handler(*uninitialized*) /var/www/
    PHP message: PHP 6. media_handle_sideload($file_array = *uninitialized*, $post_id = *uninitialized*, $desc = *uninitialized*, $post_data = *uninitialized*) /var/www/
    PHP message: PHP 7. wp_handle_sideload($file = *uninitialized*, $overrides = *uninitialized*, $time = *uninitialized*) /var/www/
    PHP message: PHP 8. _wp_handle_upload($file = *uninitialized*, $overrides = *uninitialized*, $time = *uninitialized*, $action = *uninitialized*) /var/www/
    PHP message: PHP 9. apply_filters($tag = *uninitialized*, $value = *uninitialized*) /var/www/
    PHP message: PHP 10. WP_Hook->apply_filters($value = *uninitialized*, $args = *uninitialized*) /var/www/
    PHP message: PHP 11. S3_Uploads->filter_sideload_move_temp_file_to_s3($file = *uninitialized*) /var/www/

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance

    BTW Thanks for your work on this, it’s great

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  • Solved

    Just found out the reason and its to do with the plugin s3_uploads_master which is a plugin to connect your media to an amazon s3 bucket.

    The issue is to do with a call to “filter_sideload_move_temp_file_to_s3()” in this plugin which is triggered by the filter “wp_handle_sideload” (called within drawit) .

    Apparently this is no longer needed and the latest version has or will have this removed.

    In the meantime I just returned the file unchanged

    public function filter_sideload_move_temp_file_to_s3( array $file ) {
            return $file; // get out with out changing anything
            // it seems this function is not needed since 4.4 in fact it causes an issue with drawit plugin
    		$upload_dir = wp_upload_dir();
    		$new_path   = $upload_dir['basedir'] . '/tmp/' . basename( $file['tmp_name'] );
    		    echo '<PRE>'.$file['tmp_name'].'- NEW PATH='.$new_path.'</PRE>';
    		copy( $file['tmp_name'], $new_path );
    		unlink( $file['tmp_name'] );
    		$file['tmp_name'] = $new_path;
    		return $file;

    Hope this helps anyone else with this issue when using this great plugin

    Plugin Author assortedchips


    Glad you figured it out (and quickly, I might add)! I’ll also mention that I use the “Amazon Web Services” with “WP Offload S3 Lite” plugins, which also works fine with DrawIt. Thanks for providing your solution here!

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