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  • Jeff Chandler


    Volunteer Moderator and Voice of WP

    Hello. This plugin was fairly simple to install and I love the fact that it allows user’s to have a gui to type in comments instead of typing HTML by hand. However, I have noticed after testing this plugin that when I type in a comment and press my SUBMIT button, I get this error, Error: please type a comment. When I press my browsers back button and click the submit button again, the comment goes through.

    It does this every time. In essence, I have to hit the submit button twice for the actual comment to be published. What would be causing this problem?

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  • Hi, are you are using k2 theme or any other that uses AJAX that submit comments? Yes, AJAX support are experimental and I’m searching a way to paste the comment into the “real” textbox before submission.

    Jeff Chandler


    Volunteer Moderator and Voice of WP

    I don’t think I’m using Ajax to post the comment but I may be wrong.

    im using k2 theme and getting the same error. 🙁

    The newly released version 0.4.2-1 should fix the incompatibility with K2 and all other various AJAX Comment hacks. Please inform me if there are problems in the new release.


    I have the latest K2 installed (K2 1.0 RC6) and I still get this error when I have checked the Live Commenting in the K2 Options page. I am also using the latest TinyMCEComments (0.4.3-2)

    Same problem for me. I’m using the basic Kubrick theme.

    I’m getting the same error using a custom built theme. I know I’m not using any AJAX or other comment plugins.

    Hi guys,

    The bug should be fixed in version 0.4.4-1, with or without AJAX commenting.

    Please report any issues you find, thanks.



    I’m using this beautiful plugin with an ajax plugin and is working fairly well, except for two things:

    1- Comments from visitors are not styled, and with no breaks between lines. Note that if I – the admin – post a styled comment it appears correctly.

    2- When I come to choose a color from the color pallete, an explorer alert appears saying: Are you sure you want to navigate from this page? …

    I hope this get solved 🙂

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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