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  • I added the author’s solution above to my functions.php file and it worked like a charm. We’re back in business where people can log in using their Facebook credentials again.

    wp-content > themes > functions.php is where you find that file to add it.

    You can also add it to the /wp-content/plugins/wordpress-social-login/wp-social-login.php and it would work there too.

    Either way works.

    Thanks for supplying the adjustment to the code. Question for the plugin author: Any possibility this can be added an upcoming release?


    Hey Will (@wrhull);
    tried as you suggested and moved the suggested code bit to (the end of) /wp-content/plugins/wordpress-social-login/wp-social-login.php
    Sadly, it still doesn’t work for me.

    The plugin seems to connect properly to facebook (which I derive from it displaying the proper user profile pic + user_name + user eMail) – but when I select the option to create a new user for that profile (instead of connecting to an already existing one in the wp-user-base) I get failure to create user. :/
    [Tried with more than one browser, too.]

    Where would I go if creation of user fails?



    Hi @miled!

    When you log in through Yandex, Google is an endless redirect and nothing happens.

    When authorizing via crunchyroll writes “is incorrect parameter client_id.”

    When logging in via Twitter, he writes: “Insecure login blocked: unable to get an access token or login to this application from an unprotected page. Try reloading the page using the https: / / prefix-Although the url is in https

    All url redirection specify as written in the plugin.
    Need your help!

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    I found out the solution provided here will solve the problem:

    All you need to do is modify user_url column in wp_users table from varchar 100 to 255.

    another weird but workable solution turned out to be disabling editability of user-eMail and user-name on creation of new users. Don’t see why it should make a difference but a difference make it does.
    either way,



    Just like Optimiza said. Had to do everything he said. Works well for me. Thank you

Viewing 6 replies - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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