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  • Plugin Author Luke Carbis


    Hi wpuser007007,

    This would indicate that you’ve got a plugin which implements custom connectors for Stream, which now need to be updated to work with Stream 3.

    Happy to help with this process, if you can tell me which plugin is responsible.

    I have the same issue.. It actually crashed a bunch of my sites. Plug in that it works with is wp-main child reports

    Same problems – “class wasn’t loaded because it doesn’t implement the get_label method.” shows up as soon as I activate Stream. And it crashed a few of my sites when they upgraded to WP 4.3.

    The cause is definitely the Stream plugin. When I logged into my server through FTP and delete the Stream plugin folder, the crashed site reappears. I could log into the WP admin and reinstall the Stream plugin, but then the error message appears.

    Stream still looks like it’s working, but the message indicates that it’s not using the newest hook.



    Same situation here.

    Crashed a client’s site and error log reported issues regarding the stream plugin. “class wasn’t loaded because it doesn’t implement the get_label method.”

    Disabled the stream plugin and site was running back again.

    Any further update on how to avoid/resolve this issue will be really helpful.

    We had wp-main child reports plugin on the site, if that helps.

    Thanks & Regards

    Plugin Author Luke Carbis


    @quietcity The get_label method is a method implemented by Stream 2. It’s implemented slightly differently in Stream 3.

    What’s happening here is another plugin (from what I can tell the plugin is wp-main child reports, or other wp-main plugins) has implemented some methods which don’t work with Stream 3 (they were built for Stream 2).

    I can’t find wp-main child reports anywhere – could anyone link me to where you got it? I’d like to reach out to the developer. If you could contact their support too, that could help.

    (unless it’s MainWP, in which case, I’ve already reached out)

    Thanks for the info Luke.

    Yes, MainWP has an extension that relies on Stream to populate the client reports. They advised that users NOT upgrade to Stream v2 because of the cloud-based data, but now that Stream v3 is back on the local database, MainWP has recommended the update. But, there is obviously a bug to work out. In the meantime, I’ve reverted all installations of Stream back to 1.4.9.

    Please keep us advised of any updates.

    Plugin Author Luke Carbis


    I’ve looked into this, and discovered that it’s a problem on the MainWP end. I’ve already fixed the problem for them and sent them the fix. Just waiting for them to include it and release an update.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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