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  • Hello @flgirl:

    On inspection, I see that the Popup Maker plugin is activated on your site, and that no popup is set to ‘status: published’.

    Please change the status of your popop to ‘published’ so that I may inspect it.

    The popup was published this morning at 11:58!

    The conditions I have set up is

    Posts with categories

    NEWS Schoools

    Hello @flgirl:

    On inspection, there’s a script active in the HTML ‘head’ element of your site that is running an older version of the jQuery JavaScript library (version 1.11.1). The script is:

    <script type=”text/javascript” src=”″></script&gt;

    WordPress comes prepackaged with version 1.12.4 of the jQuery library. Our plugin will not run with 2 copies of jQuery installed on the same site.

    Whichever asset on your site is calling that Google API, it needs to be turned off so as not to interfere with the execution of our plugin code. Popup Maker simply will not work with the older version of jQuery loading on your site.

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    Hi, Do you still see it now? I set the popup to all conditions. It still isn’t coming up for me. My IT person has also worked on it as well on the backend and took out a couple other plug-ins

    Hello @flgirl:

    You’re making progress! Yesterday, your popup (ID: popmake-18157; slug-name: ‘massage-envy’) wasn’t even activating in the footer on page load. Today it is. And I see that your site is now running jQuery version 1.12.4. That will allow you to run the Popup Maker plugin. Good job.

    Now, a couple of things I observe about your popup.

    1) You’ve set the popup trigger to ‘Click Open’. Unfortunately, when I inspect the HTML markup on the url, I don’t see the trigger set on a page element. If the trigger was properly set, our plugin would add a HTML class attribute of ‘pum-trigger’ to that element. That’s missing.

    Here’s a link to our documentation article on setting Click Open triggers. Please scroll down the article and follow the instructions for ‘Triggering the Popup on the Front End’. There are 2 methods available. I recommend the first method, although the second will work just as well. It’s just more involved.

    If you don’t want to go through that effort, the alternative approach would be to set an Auto Open / Time Delay trigger. The default time delay settings range between 0 – 10 seconds (measured as 0 – 10000 milliseconds). If you want to set a longer delay, you can enter that amount in the trigger input field. Just be sure to multiply X seconds by 1000 to convert to milliseconds.

    2) Set your cookie to ‘On Popup Close’ rather than ‘On Popup Open’. Be sure that you cookie is linked to your trigger, otherwise it won’t work. Right now the cookie linked to your Click Open trigger is named ‘Add New’. That won’t work. It must be named ‘pum-18157’, the same ID as the popup.

    3) If you need an overview of all this, see our documentation article ‘Create Your First Popup’ for review.

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    • This reply was modified 2 years, 9 months ago by Robert Gadon.

    Thank you so much! I’m printing this out as I’m changing these up.

    OK first thing:

    It didn’t work when I set up category again with news. It looked like the photo above.


    When I set it for “Select a condition” it works!

    So not…unfortunately, until I figure something else out, it’s going to come up on every page….but better than nothing!!!!

    Thanks you.

    Where do I send the bill?

    Hello @flgirl:

    Yes, I can see that the popup is appearing on every page of your site. Unfortunately, my plugin troubleshooting tools do not give me information about Popup Maker conditions set on a site.

    If you need additional assistance to address that, you can submit a support request to

    We may need your site Admin login credentials to inspect the settings to determine what might be going on.

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