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Error when backing up and when restoring

  • I have an error when making a backup (now it’s for the second site I manage) … you can see the error message in the bellow screenshot


    Even though the final message is Backup Successful!
    But, then when I went and do a restore on the other server, the permalinks are not working (I can see only the home page).

    What I had to do is to commute the permakinks to “/index.php/%postname%”
    in order to see all pages.

    Can you help me with solving this issue?



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  • Plugin Author WP Academy


    looks like those errors are caused by the zip archive function,using alternate zip method *should* solve it.
    anyhow,the plugin doesn’t modify the htaccess file on the destination server so sometimes you have to re-save the permalinks for the links to work. sounds like your links are working after changing the permalinks,or are you still having trouble with them?

    1. how do I mention alternate zip method? When I start the backup it doesn’t ask me what zip method to use. I used this plugin for several sites … but it started to give me this error only for the last 2 sites.

    2. I did re-save the permalinks each time. For the last 2 sites, the problem was that even after re-saving the permalinks, the other pages were not loaded (the error was something like the page does not exist on the server, contact the webmaster). I was using on my server the permalinks “%postname%” and after google-ing somebody suggested to set the permalinks to “/index.php/%postname%” (which by the way is not mentioned in the suggested permalinks by WP)

    So, finally I solved the issue, but just after searching on Google … WP permalik suggestions and WP Clone did not helped me.

    This is what I wanted to highlight, maybe you can find the glitch and correct it (if necessary).

    In a couple of days I will have to move another cloned WP site from me to my client and I will let you know if I have the same problem (if you will not find the cause by then).


    Plugin Author WP Academy


    you’ll see that option after clicking the ‘advanced settings’ link (which should be right below the backup button)

    sounds like a server issue,who’s the host? are all these sites on the same host? do the permalinks work on an empty installation (before you do the restore)?

    using the alternate zip method, DID indeed solved the issue with the error during the backup session.

    I will try to move it with the correct backup (without the error mentioned before) to see if the issue with the permalinks is still remaining.

    BTW, my both mentioned sites are on different servers (mine vs. my client’s one).

    Plugin Author WP Academy


    good show,keep me posted..

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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