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  • Yoast SEO sitemap used to work fine until this week:

    Warning: Class __PHP_Incomplete_Class has no unserializer in /home/content/p3pnexwpnas14_data02/95/3039995/html/wp-content/object-cache.php on line 520

    All sitemaps are now broken and returning this error. Anyone knows how to fix this?

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  • Plugin Author Joost de Valk


    Hmm that’s annoying, we’ll have a look at that!

    Thanks Joost. As an update this seems to be a GoDaddy-wide system cache bug that affects all Yoast sitemaps for site owners.

    Site owners need to call GoDaddy and ask them to fully flush the system cache. It appears to have resolved the issue, for now.

    Update: the issue is back. It’s hard to pinpoint what exactly causes it. From several forum posts, talks with GoDaddy support and experimentation with plugins, WordPress 4.5 broke the Cache that GoDaddy runs on all its websites. It’s impossible for site owners to turn off that cache or use an alternative. When flushing the GD cache the issue goes away, until I try and access one of the Yoast sitemaps. At that point it triggers the PHP error, which then shows on every page of our external website until the cache is cleared again.

    For now, I am experimenting turning off the Yoast XML sitemap and using another plugin, and it appears to be working. Again, for how long I am not sure. The issue is more likely on the GoDaddy side and their cache/compatibility with the new WordPress 4.5. Today’s 4.5.1 update did nothing to that effect.

    I would much rather keep the Yoast XML sitemap. Great if you can help escalate with GoDaddy and I am happy to show you my admin panel, code etc via private message if you want to take a look. Thanks

    From one of the WP engineers:

    “This is caused by a plugin storing an instance of a class into Memcache
    (or the database) either via transients, options, usermeta, postmeta, etc.

    When the value is retrieved from the cache, and the class is no longer
    loaded in WordPress at that time, it’ll trigger this PHP warning. The
    class may no longer exist as either the plugin hasn’t loaded it, or the
    plugin has been disabled.

    It’s not a bug in WordPress as such, but rather in whatever is storing the
    value into Memcache. In order to diagnose it, you’d need to see the raw data being retrieved from Memcache, look at the classname and dig into what plugin is causing it. It appears to be a bug in a plugin.”

    PS: GoDaddy was able to turn off their Cache on our site. It’s not optimal, but it seems to have made the errors across XML sitemaps and our external web pages go away for now. If you’re having the same problem ask them to turn off the cache on their end in the php.ini file, it will fix the problem until the bug in WP 4.5.x / GoDaddy cache / Yoast is resolved.

    Somebody please solve this ASAP

    Looks like this is the problem only with GD WP managed because yoast seems to be working fine everywhere else.

    Do not resubmit your sitemaps until its resolved because your webmaster tools may get flooded with errors.

    Yep this issue needs to be resolved!!!!

    I had GD clear the system cache and the error is still there! It goes away for a minute then it comes right back. When you call GD they tell you it’s Yoast’s fault or WordPress’s fault. I don’t know, you tell me!

    Trust that Yoast, WordPress and GD will resolve it once they realize how many customers have their sitemaps broken. In the meantime if you call GD they are able to turn off their cache on their end, for your site. It will make it slower, but at least for now errors go away.

    Pages in Google affected. Yoast team please do something.

    GD support says flush the cache by yourself and then disable all plugins and enable them one by one. Nothing seems to work after this also. Same problem appears. What to do now?

    I’m having this same issue on several WP sites using GoDaddy Managed Hosting and the Yoast plugin. Since there does not seem to be a solve, can someone recommend an alt sitemap plugin to Yoast?

    Having the same problem with a client site using GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress Hosting. I’ve disabled the sitemap feature for now…

    I did the exact same thing. I disabled the site map functionality in yoast. Installed a new sitemap plugin a couple days ago and the new plugin is working great.

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