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  • Hey WordPress,

    I was teaching wordpress to a group of students yesterday using the latest version. Some students were using Firefox [which works perfectly and some were using IE7 [which has an odd error]……

    When adding an image to a post or page I was showing them how to add a picture via the upload icon [the one next to the video icon…sorry forget what it’s called.] Firefox works great. You browse for the image, it does the crunching bit, shows you a thumbnail and info about the picture and then you can click ‘insert image into post’.

    However, in IE you browse for the image, it adds it to the gallery but doesn’t allow you to add it to the post and doesn’t show you the thumbnail and info etc. In fact, the browse for image bit looks a little different too.

    Thought I’d let you know as it such a brill feature apart from that! Sorry, one more thing. In the previous version you could see the ID names for your pages to the left side of the list of pages. Where can you find this info now? Yesterday I found myself having to go into my database to find the ID ?



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