Error uploading images

  • Hey!

    I found an error uploading images to a gallery.

    The error occurs when on settings, the site direcction is different from http://www.xxxxxxxx.com

    For example, my web is http://www.xxxxxxxxx.com but in index.php i have a frontpage and the wordpress index is on index2.php, so i modify site direction to http://www.xxxxxxx.com/index2.php

    If i have this so, i can’t upload images i must have as site direcction http://www.xxxxxxx.com

    How can i fix it?

    Thanks for reading and sorry my english :S

    P.S: The uploader try to call this url “http://www.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.es/index2.php/index.php/photocrati_ajax?action=upload_image&gallery_id=8&gallery_name=” and it have to call


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