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  • Hello,
    I am using the most recent version of the plugin am getting the following error when trying to save added fields:
    Unknown column ‘text-50e6e7e03983c’ in ‘field list’
    This shows up under the Submission Data column. In the field lists’ edit column the following error shows:
    Warning: htmlspecialchars() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in /home/insp/public_testing/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-form-manager/types/panelhelper.php on line 29
    I received this error before and had to delete a corrupted table from the database that had form manager had created that had no content inside of it. This is the second time that I am getting this error. Is this possibly a bug in the plugin? Your attention is definitely appreciated.

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  • It seems that the plugin is automatically deleting fields that I have created past the amount that I have now. It has limited me to 99 fields.

    Adding the database check:
    Forms table (wp_fm_forms)… OK
    Items table (wp_fm_items)… OK
    Templates table (wp_fm_templates)… OK
    Settings table (wp_fm_settings)… OK
    Forms table…
    Form 1 for data table: OK
    Form 2 for data table: OK
    Form 4 for data table: OK
    Form 5 for data table: OK
    For duplicate IDs and slugs…
    Items table…
    Checking form IDs exists…
    Checking unique names…
    Templates entries:
    Title: Summary for Data List Filename: fm-summary-multi.php Modified: 1349719145
    Title: Form Manager Default Filename: fm-summary-default.php Modified: 1349719145
    Title: Form Manager Default Filename: fm-form-default.php Modified: 1349719145
    Title: Affiliate Launch Form Filename: affiliate-form.php Modified: 1357326939
    Settings entries:
    Name: email_admin Value: YES
    Name: email_from Value: [admin email]
    Name: email_reg_users Value: YES
    Name: email_subject Value: [form title] Submission
    Name: recaptcha_lang Value: en
    Name: recaptcha_private Value: 6Lfa2soSAAAAAP0bqvFxiTgrrcPPV31jdMhq0T_U
    Name: recaptcha_public Value: 6Lfa2soSAAAAABMftyR8J4ALIgRHdu3WKngA-kpI
    Name: recaptcha_theme Value: white
    Name: reg_user_only_msg Value: ‘%s’ is only available to registered users.
    Name: required_msg Value: ‘%s’ is required.
    Name: submitted_msg Value: Thank you! Your data has been submitted.
    Name: template_email Value: fm-summary-multi.php
    Name: template_form Value: fm-form-insp.php
    Name: template_summary Value: fm-summary-multi.php
    Name: text_validator_0 Value: a:4:{s:4:”name”;s:6:”number”;s:5:”label”;s:12:”Numbers Only”;s:7:”message”;s:27:”‘%s’ must be a valid number”;s:6:”regexp”;s:27:”/^\s*[0-9]*[\.]?[0-9]+\s*$/”;}
    Name: text_validator_1 Value: a:4:{s:4:”name”;s:5:”phone”;s:5:”label”;s:12:”Phone Number”;s:7:”message”;s:33:”‘%s’ must be a valid phone number”;s:6:”regexp”;s:36:”/^.*[0-9]{3}.*[0-9]{3}.*[0-9]{4}.*$/”;}
    Name: text_validator_2 Value: a:4:{s:4:”name”;s:5:”email”;s:5:”label”;s:6:”E-Mail”;s:7:”message”;s:35:”‘%s’ must be a valid e-mail address”;s:6:”regexp”;s:51:”/^[A-Za-z0-9._%+-]+@[A-Za-z0-9.-]+\.[A-Za-z]{2,4}$/”;}
    Name: text_validator_3 Value: a:4:{s:4:”name”;s:4:”date”;s:5:”label”;s:15:”Date (MM/DD/YY)”;s:7:”message”;s:30:”‘%s’ must be a date (MM/DD/YY)”;s:6:”regexp”;s:34:”/^[0-9]{1,2}.[0-9]{1,2}.[0-9]{2}$/”;}
    Name: text_validator_4 Value: a:4:{s:4:”name”;s:5:”state”;s:5:”label”;s:12:”State (U.S.)”;s:7:”message”;s:39:”‘%s’ must be a valid state abbreviation”;s:6:”regexp”;s:136:”/^(A[LKSZRAEP]|C[AOT]|D[EC]|F[LM]|G[AU]|HI|I[ADLN]|K[SY]|LA|M[ADEHINOPST]|N[CDEHJMVY]|O[HKR]|P[ARW]|RI|S[CD]|T[NX]|UT|V[AIT]|W[AIVY])$/i”;}
    Name: text_validator_5 Value: a:4:{s:4:”name”;s:3:”zip”;s:5:”label”;s:15:”Zip code (U.S.)”;s:7:”message”;s:29:”‘%s’ must be a valid zip code”;s:6:”regexp”;s:9:”/^\d{5}$/”;}
    Name: text_validator_6 Value: a:4:{s:4:”name”;s:10:”dimensions”;s:5:”label”;s:22:”Dimensions (L x W x H)”;s:7:”message”;s:35:”‘%s’ must be dimensions (L x W x H)”;s:6:”regexp”;s:71:”/^\s*(\d+(\.\d+)?)\s*(x|X)\s*(\d+(\.\d+)?)\s*(x|X)\s*(\d+(\.\d+)?)\s*$/”;}
    Name: text_validator_count Value: 7
    Name: title Value: New Form

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