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    I’m getting this error when trying to send a test push via APNS:

    ERROR: Unable to connect to 'tls://': (0)

    Your documentation provides this advice:

    Why am I getting the errors Unable to connect to tls:// or Unable to connect to tsl://

    Your server is unable to connect to the push service.

    This can be caused by:
    The SSL certificate you are using, which is invalid or it has expired (remember that a certificate is valid for 1 year).
    The certificate password you specified, which is not correct.
    The fact that you are using a production certificate instead of a development one (or vice versa).
    The fact that Push Notifications for WordPress can’t receive inbound and outbound TCP packets over ports 2195 and 2196.

    However, the SSL certificate I’m using has not expired as it has only just been generated. I’m able to send notifications using an online test site (, which tells me that the password and pem file are valid. Finally, I can confidently say that ports 2195 and 2196 are open and tls enabled as I have several other sites on the same server which are not having problems.

    Do you know what else might be causing this issue? I would very much appreciate your support.



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  • Update: this has since been discovered to be a problem with TLS on the affected domain. Changing the plugin source to ssl:// fixed the problem.

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