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    All 105 of my Wordfence installs updated to 6.2.7 this morning. This afternoon, I’m starting to get email from many of those installs stating:

    This email was sent from your website “Linda Fong Studio” by the Wordfence plugin.

    Wordfence found the following new issues on “Linda Fong Studio”.

    Alert generated at Thursday 1st of December 2016 at 03:40:27 PM


    * Unable to accurately detect IPs

    So far, I have gotten this message from seven of my sites. I anticipate receiving more of them.

    Please advise.

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  • Plugin Author WFMattR


    Hi all,

    Our dev team is looking into the intermittent “Unable to accurately detect IPs” message. This might be an issue on our servers which can be fixed without another plugin update, or we may release another update — currently, the message will usually stop appearing in the next scheduled scan, but it’s possible it may appear again until the issue is resolved. It is ok to ignore this message for now — this is a new check that is done during the scans, and isn’t a sign that anything changed on your site.

    Alternately, if you’re getting the message “Your ‘How does Wordfence get IPs’ setting is misconfigured“, that usually means there is a better choice — we recommend using the option that is suggested in the message. For the one person who mentioned using mod_cloudflare — you can keep the REMOTE_IP setting and turn off this scan if you like.

    More details are available here:

    People who reported memory limit errors during scans — that is an unrelated issue due to changes in some of the scan data, but our dev team is already looking into that as well.

    -Matt R

    I can confirm that if I start a manual scan after having recieved that message, all is well and the message does not return.

    I suspect this was indeed a one time thing after the update that will not happen again after this first connection after the update.

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    – Run a scan manually. If there was a temporary problem connecting to your site, this may clear the message.

    Smae issue

    – Make sure you are not blocking any IPs in Wordfence’s IP range. Check our servers and IP range.
    No IP blocking in the range

    – Deactivating and reactivating the plugin could help in clearing this warning as the same check is initiated upon plugin activation.

    made no difference aka saw no error popping up upon reactiviation of plugin

    – If none of these worked, I suggest checking these steps mentioned on “Misconfigured How does Wordfence get IPs notice” page. (check them at the bottom of the page).

    tried switching to another theme and that did not solve the issue.. a manual scan still raised the issue

    Discovered what was causing this issue. It was Block Bad Queries (BBQ) if I deactivate that plugin and do a manual scan no issues. If I activate it WordFence complains.

    Hello, I am the author of BBQ.. if anyone can let me know the URL required for Wordfence to perform a scan, I can update the plugin to allow for whatever pattern is getting blocked. Thank you.

    The Wordfence server ranges according to this page is by the way I am using the free version of BBQ.

    Same reason I am here. Following. Thanks @wfmattr for an official update. Glad to hear its being looked into.

    I corrected my post after I was putting the list in my second site. I saw it took it in brackets.

    I am seeing this on multiple sites that I have in a VPS server at Bluehost on 12/02/16 at 11:22 CST



    In my view, a temporary failure to connect to a server should result in a message of the sort, “Cannot complete the scan due to failure to connect to your server” and not “Unable to accurately detect IPs”. What we have here is a failure to communicate. 😉

    Plugin Author WFMattR


    This issue was resolved on our servers and should no longer occur. If you’ve seen this message in your scan results, you may need to run a new scan to clear it, or wait until the next automatic scan runs.

    If the same issue appears in a new scan, it is possible that your server can’t be reached by ours, or another plugin prevents the detection from working.

    If anyone still has trouble, please make a new post using the form at the bottom of the Wordfence forum here. (The forum rules ask us to keep each person’s issues separate, and it also helps us keep track of open issues that need replies, so no one gets skipped in long posts.) Thanks!

    -Matt R

    Thanks so much!

    Just started getting same error yesterday after upgrading.


    * Unable to accurately detect IPs

    I am running WordPress 4.6.1, and the latest versions of Wordfence (free version) and iThemes Security Pro.

    As far as I know all my sites are on the same VPS. The error is only happening for some sites. Not all.

    Posting to be included on thread for possible fix. Thank you.

    Edit: Just saw message from Plugin Dev that issue should be resolved now. Will advise if further issues. Thank you.

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    Hopefully this gets fixed soon.

    Same here on two client sites, one hosted on Hostgator, one on Bluehost, one with Ithemes security plug in, one without it, both with login lockout don’t know if that matters. LOL

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