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    Videos not working, attempting to display playlist with newly created google API key.

    Shortcode used is:
    [Youtube_Channel_Gallery feed=”playlist” user=”PLRCkBg_jkM-BhrmFRy3XOmyO89u1pQFGT” key=”HIDDEN-FROM-FORUM” theme=”light” color=”white” autoplay=”0″ maxitems=”50″ thumb_width=”277″ thumb_columns_ld=”4″ title=”1″ promotion=”0″ pagination_show=”0″ link=”0″ thumb_order=”1″]

    Previous shortcode, which prior to changes to plugin/youtube was working:
    [Youtube_Channel_Gallery feed=”playlist” user=”PLRCkBg_jkM-CUGc-FgrsimvepoQpFTmLN” videowidth=”580″ ratio=”16×9″ theme=”light” color=”white” autoplay=”0″ rel=”1″ showinfo=”1″ maxitems=”500″ thumb_ratio=”16×9″ thumb_width=”250″ thumb_columns_ld=”3″ thumb_columns_phones=”1″ thumb_columns_tablets=”3″ thumb_columns_md=3″ title=”1″ description=”1″ descriptionwordsnumber=”200″]

    Any advise on the correct shortcode to get plugin working would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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  • i think the issue may lie within the plugin’s compatibility with newer youtube accounts/google api’s, but waiting to find out for sure from the dev. i’m experiencing a very similar issue which i just posted about.

    seems like a great plugin based on the examples i’ve seen on others websites (and surprisingly very few decent youtube plugins exist) so looking forward to trying it out

    nevermind, I’ve figured it out

    Details on your solution please 🙂

    Yeah details on your solution would be great!
    I am having the same problem since updating on WP 4.3
    Inserted my own API key but got the same error:
    Error type: “Bad Request”. Error message: “Bad Request” Domain: “usageLimits”. Reason: “keyInvalid”. …….

    Hey, had this issue as well, it is because of newer youtube channel’s. I found how to get mine to work, here is my example

    [Youtube_Channel_Gallery identify_by="channelid" user="UCrVBB-ecSJdwHGYH264c6mA" key="myapikey" maxitems="9" thumb_columns_tablets="4" title="1"]

    You need to add identify_by=”channelid” but leave it set as user=”yourchannelid” So when you go to you youtube channel it will be so use “abunchofjumbledcharacters” in the user section (even though that’s actually your channel id and not user id)

    Thanks MissBizzy — that did it for me.

    I would add that the solution did not work while I had domains listed in the API Credentials. I had to select a Browser Credential without any specific domains, and it works.

    Thank you MissBizzy

    identify_by=”channelid” did it for me too.

    I have the same problem and I continue to have it. I wonder what’s wrong with this:

    [Youtube_Channel_Gallery feed=”playlist” identify_by=”VideoNUCT” user=”PLIiccl_aJC3jMQmkwyLbAzHzD1lzNcdgm” width_value=”80″ ratio=”16×9″ theme=”light” color=”white” autoplay=”0″ rel=”0″ showinfo=”1″ maxitems=”16″ thumb_width=”125″ thumb_ratio=”16×9″ thumb_columns_ld=”3″ promotion=”0″ pagination_show=”0″ title=”1″]

    I added an API key and I added my site as Referere, but now I get

    Error type: “Forbidden”. Error message: “There is a per-IP or per-Referer restriction configured on your API key and the request does not match these restrictions. Please use the Google Developers Console to update your API key configuration if request from this IP or referer should be allowed.” Domain: “usageLimits”. Reason: “ipRefererBlocked”.

    Did you added your own Google API key? Look at the help.

    Ive used this code to get the playlist working on WordPress version 4.3.1


    Ive generated YT API key following this instructions:

    Plugin shortcode:

    [Youtube_Channel_Gallery feed=”playlist” user=”PLAYLISTID HERE” key=”API KEY HERE” feedorder=”desc” videowidth=”500″ ratio=”16×9″ theme=”light” color=”white” quality=”small” autoplay=”0″ rel=”1″ showinfo=”0″ maxitems=”2″ thumbwidth=”100%” thumbratio=”16×9″ thumbcolumns=”2″ title=”0″ description=”1″ thumbnail_alignment=”left” descriptionwordsnumber=”10″ link_window=”0″]

    Tested and seems to work fine!

    Thank you!

    identify_by=”channelid” worked for me too. I haven’t been able to find documentation for the gallery shortcodes in order to try different parameters. Where did you find this?


    I’m recieving a very similar error message at the top of my website:

    Error type: “Bad Request”. Error message: “Bad Request” Domain: “usageLimits”. Reason: “keyInvalid”.

    The videos are all working but I can’t get this message to dissappear at the top of my site.

    Javier Patino

    The BIG DIFFERENVE being: Reason: “keyInvalid”.

    My API key is correct so I have no idea what to do.


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