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    I am working on a website where the TNG plugin is installed and integrated with TNG software.

    Not sure when but we started seeing this issue where we are seeing this message on the wordpress register or login page.

    Error: TNG is not communicating with your database. Please check your database settings and try again.

    Although the database setting info is correct because wordpress and tng both softwares tables are installed in same database and are working fine on their own. Just the integration part seems to be not working.


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    Figure out the problem. Their is a mistake in the plugin code file.
    Please replace this line of code tng_select_db($database_name, $link)
    with the one below

    on line number 2258

    if( $link && tng_select_db($database_name, $link))

    in the plugin file tng.php.

    After install of the plugin my admin was unreachable because of a white screen. Turning on debug in the wp_config gave the following error:
    Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function tng_connect() in /home/vhosts/
    This function:
    1126:$link = @tng_connect($database_host, $database_username, $database_password);
    does not exist in the tng.php at all.
    I assume this is a recent version, as nobody else yet had this error. Please solve and refrain from using the @ for keeping errors out of sight.

    1129: if( $link && tng_select_db($database_name, $link))
    return $link;

    also function tng_select_db does not exist in my file anymore.
    Websdynamics says that it is on line 2258. Not in my version, that I downloaded two days ago.
    Please update and restore to a working version. Thanks.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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