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    I’ve just launched a new website for one of my clients. On my test server the Store Locator plugin works great, but on the live server I get the following error in a popup:

    “This site most likely needs a Google Maps API key.”

    I’ve generated an API and pasted it into the box on the Info page, but there isn’t a “Save” button. If I press <Enter> the page reloads but the API key isn’t saved.

    How do I save the API key?

    I’m using Version 4.5.09 of the Store Locator Plus plugin. I am using a Multi-Site installation of WordPress, if that matters, but like I said, it’s working fine on my test server.

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  • Argh. Now the box that I pasted the API key into (on the Info page) is missing, so I can’t even add a key.

    Getting Started With Store Locator Plus

    If you do not see it to save under the INFO tab, update to 4.5.10


    Do not add it under the business license…that is a different paid upgrade in Google.

    P.S. About the Multi site. My read about the Google API browser key is that they use the quotas as they apply to domain or ISP. So you may need one for each new domain name. If they are all subsets on same ISP server I believe it is the aggregate that goes against the quota and you might need to up to their premium plan.
    You might want to peruse the terms re: the Google license here.
    There is a section about third party usage but I would not how it technically would apply.

    Thanks for your help, cyndyec.

    I don’t see a link to download ver. 4.5.10 on the website. I am assuming I’d have to pay $15 to get access to pre-release versions. I’ll see if my client is willing, but it’s not really up to me.

    Any idea how long it will be until ver. 4.5.10 makes it to the plugin directory?

    And thanks for the comments about the Google Maps API limits. My client is only using the multi-site version of WordPress in order to have an English and French version of the site content. So they won’t be getting a lot of daily hits.

    Oh No you dont have to pay for it, I see it in production on our site, there is a 4.5.10 but it should be right here!! I am going to tell the developer…he published it while mid flight somewhere over the ocean, maybe WP didn’t get it thanks for letting us KNOW!!

    And no you never have to pay for the base plugin.

    if you go to our home site you can request it in the mean time and here is a link to the newsfeed with the changelog for now


    P.S. You can send the email that is shown at the bottom of the contact page and it will go to support email box and someone can send you the download file if you need it… Thanks

    Thanks, cyndyec, I appreciate your help.

    I’ve installed ver. 4.5.10, but I’m still getting the warning about the API key. I tried generating a different key. I also tried removing the Store Locator plugin and uploading a “fresh” copy.

    Ah ha. I think it’s working now. Not quite sure what I did. I think I had to specify the exact URL of the page that the maps are on in my Google Maps API key setup. I was using just the domain and a wildcard before.

    Phew. Thanks again for your help, cyndyec!



    No problemo,
    Could you mark this as resolved…and anytime you feel like mentioning what great support I have given you via a super duper rating for feedback, my boss eats that stuff up..

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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