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    Since recently, Post Snippets generates this error on one of my websites:
    “This site is experiencing technical difficulties”

    I can’t reach the website not the dashboard as admin.

    Through FTP I deactivated all plugins.
    When activating Post Snippets only, the ERROR is present, so it’s not a plugin conflict.
    When activating Post Snippets only and activating theme Twenty Ten, the ERROR is present also. So it’s not a conflict with my Divi theme.

    The only way for my website to work is to deactivate Post Snippets.

    N.B. The ERROR doesn’t occur on my other websites also using Post Snippets.

    Can you please help me?
    If you need some more info, please ask.


    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Hi, be sure your server is running PHP 5.5

    You should also set WP_DEBUG to true in your wp-config.php so we can see the exact error.


    When you say make sure we’re running PHP 5.5, do you mean that exact version, or that version and later?

    I’m having significant problems with Post Snippets, specific to freemius API, where the plugins page generate output from Post Snippets and I also periodically receive “your website crashed” or terminated unexpectedly, and it’s post snippets w/freemius crashlogs mentioned.

    I’m running PHP 7.3. Is that a problem?

    I’m on Post Snippets 3.0.11.

    I am sorry I’m coming back to this only now. That’s because I had some family problems. It’s fine now.

    My PHP version is 7 or 7.something.

    As you asked, I set WP_DEBUG to true.

    This is the message I get after reactivating Post Snippets:

    Notice: Undefined index: post-snippets in /home/ajwan/www/wp-content/plugins/post-snippets/freemius/includes/class-freemius.php on line 14754

    Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: Argument 1 passed to Freemius::get_api_user_scope_by_user() must be an instance of FS_User, boolean given, called in /home/ajwan/www/wp-content/plugins/post-snippets/freemius/includes/class-freemius.php on line 20787 and defined in /home/ajwan/www/wp-content/plugins/post-snippets/freemius/includes/class-freemius.php:20801 Stack trace: #0 /home/ajwan/www/wp-content/plugins/post-snippets/freemius/includes/class-freemius.php(20787): Freemius->get_api_user_scope_by_user(false) #1 /home/ajwan/www/wp-content/plugins/post-snippets/freemius/includes/class-freemius.php(20826): Freemius->get_api_user_scope(false) #2 /home/ajwan/www/wp-content/plugins/post-snippets/freemius/includes/class-freemius.php(18016): Freemius->get_current_or_network_user_api_scope() #3 /home/ajwan/www/wp-content/plugins/post-snippets/freemius/includes/class-freemius.php(10797): Freemius->_fetch_plugin_plans() #4 /home/ajwan/www/wp-content/plugins/post-snippets/freemius/includes/class-freemius.php(14756): Freemius->_sync_plan in /home/ajwan/www/wp-content/plugins/post-snippets/freemius/includes/class-freemius.php on line 20801

    I hope you can help,

    Hi, I have updated the Freemius SDK which fixes the issue.


    It works. Thank you so much 🙂

    Plugin Author


    Hi @fran330 and @whallify,

    We are pleased to announce important news. Post snippets have been acquired by WP Experts. If being a user, you have any queries and issues, then we are solving your problems right here.


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