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    For some reason I’ve noticed the feed URL for Gigpress isn’t working anymore, and instead displays the message ‘ERROR: This is not a valid feed’.

    This looks like a native WordPress error by it’s appearance, so it could be something has changed in the core and is making the Gigpress output be flagged up as incorrect.

    I’m using the standard ?feed=gigpress URL parameter.

    I’m quite desperate to find out what’s happening here, as I have a mailchimp campaign which is utilising the RSS feed of Gigpress to generate email newsletters.

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  • Plugin Contributor Clifford Paulick


    Hi @leec87

    I tested http://example-com/?feed=gigpress on my local development site and it worked as expected.

    Please make sure you have the latest versions of WP core, GigPress, and if that doesn’t solve it then please try disabling all other plugins and switching to Twenty Seventeen theme.

    Please let us know how this goes for you.

    Hi Clifford,

    Thanks for your reply. I have done all of your suggestions, but still getting the error.

    Is there anything that can be done using the Debug screen in Gigpress Admin?

    Would it help if you could see whatever file or code within the plugin is generating the feed?

    Hi Clifford,

    Are you able to help with this issue please? Is there anything I can do to try and debug what the output of the RSS feed is doing?

    I need to get this issue sorted ASAP so I can get the email campaign running again, as it’s currently off!

    Hello there,

    I just started having the same problem too, trying to pull RSS from my site using the default/standard



    I have two RSS feed pulls set up (one with zapier and the other with pointing to this URL and *both* sites’ logs show that up to Feb 05 things were working OK i.e. the pull from the site was logged on a regular half-hourly basis as OK. Then all of a sudden both sites report the feed as ‘invalid’. just says “not a valid feed”, whilst zapier error is more verbose:

    “Unable to get a value when looking for “channel” – is it empty or missing?”

    Nothing changed my in in WP in terms of plugin install. I tried updating WP core to latest build but no difference.

    Any ideas at all people? Would dearly love to keep this working as it was a PITA to set up / import all my old dates after the demise of Artistdata. Plus it does everything I need to do!

    my actual RSS URL if it helps:


    Ssssshhh… its quiet in this thread eh?

    Anybody else have this problem all of a sudden, or anyone got any ideas to try and resolve it?

    Many thanks in advance for any assistance,


    Plugin Author András Guseo


    Hello @leec87 and @davidyoungs

    I am really sorry for the long wait for a reply.
    Are you still experiencing the issues with the feed?
    If yes, please share with me the feed urls so I can test it and we’ll see what can be done about it.
    Also make sure that WP and Gigpress is up to date.

    Thanks and cheers,

    Hi Andras

    Thanks for coming back to me, appreciate it.

    Well, everything seems to be working again which is good news – both and zapier have stopped reporting ‘invalid feed’, and a test show added to my website updated OK on both RSS pulls by both these apps.

    I havent changed anything this side, so no idea what the fix was. My feed URL is in the original post if it helps.


    Plugin Author András Guseo


    Great to hear @davidyoungs! Thanks for the update!

    Plugin Author András Guseo


    There has been much silence here for more than a month so I’m going to close this as resolved.


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