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  • I’m trying to edit my users bio, however whenever I try to update my profile I get the follow error at the top of the page, and nothing updates..

    ERROR: The email address isn’t correct.

    However my email is ‘’

    I’ve also tried ‘’ and that doesnt work either..

    What can I do to fix this, or figure out what is causing this issue?

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  • EDIT:

    After researching a bit more, I found one of my plugins got updated (Cloudflare). I read in the support on WordPress for that plugin, that the plugin has been causing everyone issues with editing their profile..

    I downloaded the version before, and uploaded/replaced the old files.. However I still get the same error, so do I need to do something to the database now? or is there something else that is broken ?

    perhaps there is a little “,” or “.” in there that’s messing it all up or something might be capitalized.
    make sure nothing is CAPED.

    Not sure if this helps but worth a try

    Many thanks for this info – I have wasted most of the morning trying to sort this out and restoring a previous version of the CloudFlare plugin has solved the problem for me. There is now an error posted for this problem.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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