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    Hi there,
    I seem to be entering the external database settings incorrectly? After installing, settings, logging out then logging in again I get an error message saying Table 'prefix_wp.prefix_users' doesn't exist (obviously with my actual prefixes). It seems to be looking at the WordPress database, not my external database.

    In the “External Database Settings: User table” field, I’ve tried both prefix_usertable as in the screenshot and prefix_dbname.prefix_usertable.

    Is there another place where I should identify the name/location of the external db?

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  • Plugin Author Joshua Parker


    Is your login details correct for the external database you are trying to use?

    Yep, they’re correct – I’ve got an account on the external database with the same username and password as the admin account for WordPress, have double-checked both for typos.

    A quick look at external database type things for non-Wordpress connections shows that sometimes they rely on config.php in the root – could mine be a problem here?

    Plugin Author Joshua Parker


    Can you posts screenshots of your settings page without passwords?

    I don’t seem to be able to upload to these forums, so I’ve popped it here instead.

    Thankfully, WP remembers almost all the settings except the hash code when I delete and reinstall the plugin after an unsuccessful attempt.

    Other possible issues with my setup that might affect finding the table:
    – WP is installed in a subfolder
    – The external db belongs to a program installed in a subdomain (not my idea, but stuck with it now).

    Let me know if there’s any other information I can provide for you.

    Plugin Author Joshua Parker


    To to be sure, under Name which comes after the Port field, you’ve entered the name of your external database right? Also,

    Ah, I knew there was something odd there. I’ve changed it now to the external database name (and updated my screenshot at the link above). The plugin is still looking in the WordPress database though – prefix_wp.prefix_users doesn't exist.

    Plugin Author Joshua Parker


    And all the database settings in the first section are the settings for your external database and not WordPress?

    Let me double-check… yep, all for the external db.

    Plugin Author Joshua Parker


    Hmm, I don’t know without seeing the database. Maybe the user’s data is located in two different tables? That is the only thing I think of that could cause issues.

    I’ve got username and password in that one table, is there anything else it will be looking for? I’d be happy to give you a login if you have time to look at it for me.

    Plugin Author Joshua Parker


    Yes, I should have time on Saturday. You can contact me @

    Thanks, will send you details there.

    what was the resolution to this problem?

    I’m sure other users of this plugin will appreciate the answer!

    Turns out it was a slight bug in the plugin, which has now been fixed. After that, I had no trouble at all with it and it’s been really useful, works perfectly for me!

    gogreener can you post the fix?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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