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  • Hello,
    One of my client’s sites is receiving this error when the form is submitted:
    “Sorry, your nonce did not verify.”

    It doesn’t happen all of the time though. We have switched to using the permalink version rather than the short code and are still seeing the error occasionally. We have stopped using this plugin and gone back to a direct link to the google forms.

    The site is using the Enfold theme.


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  • Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    That isn’t much to go on. If the nonce isn’t validating it likely means something is causing an additional page load invalidating the nonce. Does your theme use a lot of AJAX?

    i’m getting this too on a form that used to work just fine before the recent update.

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    Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    Does it happen every time or occasionally?



    Every time

    for me it happened in firefox but not chrome.

    users are reporting this is happening again for my form.

    Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    How often does this happen and is there anything else which has changed? I’ve looked through the plugin code again and I don’t see which would cause this to happen and if it was pervasive, I would think I would have more reports about it.

    same thing happened twice over the last couple weeks. both clients completed the form, then on submission got this error. one was from a yahoo address, one was from a gmail address. both were successful submitting the form directly thru google. i’ve put a link to the direct form at the top of my page for now to alleviate this if it happens again. i can send you a link to the form in question if that is helpful.

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    Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    Two failures against how many successful submissions? If you want to send me the form URL you are welcome to do so – send it to me at mpwalsh8 at gmail dot com. The other thing which would be helpful is the URL to the Google Form.

    If this only fails every once in a while, it will be almost impossible to chase down. It it fails 50% of the time, that may be a bit easier although there isn’t a lot of information from WordPress itself when a nonce doesn’t verify. The nonce either verifies or it doesn’t.

    Any chance your page has more than one form on it or something else which would generate a nonce?

    hard to know. the last person who had direct success was in early march.

    these two happened very close together 3/28 & 4/3, but it’s just been those two people who reported the problem to me. it’s 100% of the people i sent directly to fill in the form. if others are getting the error, they are bluebirds and not complaining.

    the page does not have more than one form. you can get to the google form using the button in the top box.

    Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    I just ran through your form on your web site (the WordPress version) so you can delete my submission. It worked without any issues. You have a multipage form which means that for every page of the form, there is a nonce verification being performed. It isn’t done just on the final form submission because WordPress doesn’t know the difference between the final submit and the submit action for each page of the form.

    I tested it with Firefox – any idea what browser the people who had it fail were using?

    i got your submission. 🙂
    i will find out what browsers they were using…

    one was chrome for mac
    the other was safari for mac

    Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    Interesting that both were on a Mac. I have no idea why that would make a difference but I’ll run another test on my Mac later tonight. I only have access to an older Mac Mini but it should be sufficient for checking with Chrome and Safari.

    I have just installed the Plugin today for the first time, so I might be doing something wrong.
    I am getting the error “Sorry, your nonce did not verify” every time the form is submitted.
    The form does not have any mandatory fields.

    Here are all the links.

    * The Form on WordPress (where the error occurs):

    * and the actual Form:

    Please assist ASAP.

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