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    Help! I just uploaded a plugin titled, ‘List category post with thumbnail’ to my site. I was following directions on how to use it and pasted a code into my theme function php page. Then, this error page came up: “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘/’ in /home/content/77/10036877/html/wp-content/themes/twentyeleven/functions.php on line 612”

    Now, I can’t even get to my site! What do I do? I’m not a techy person at all and it’s taken me months to get things figured out on my site. The site address is

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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  • Christine Rondeau


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    What you’ll need to do is access your site via FTP.
    Download the functions.php from your theme. Undo what you did and then re-upload the functions.php to your theme folder.

    I can’t find functions.php via FTP. The only thing I see is admin-functions.php, which isn’t the same. I’m not sure where else to look. . .

    this is what the functions.php page says:

    “This file is deprecated, use ‘wp-admin/includes/admin.php’ instead.”

    Not sure where to find ‘wp-admin/includes/admin.php’

    You need to undo the changes you made to functions.php – which is in your theme directory. The error message indicates where to find it:

    So, use FTP to access your site and locate themes/twentyeleven/functions.php. This is where you made your initial changes that caused the issue. Remove them.

    I know I need to remove it, but the problem is I can’t find how get to functions.php in FTP. The only one I see says ‘admin-functions.php’ but it doesn’t have the same information the one on my site did. I am very new to wordpress and don’t understand a lot of these technical terms! Sorry to be difficult, I just don’t understand how to get to the location you’re telling me to go to.

    admin-functions.php is inside the wp-admin directory. That’s not where you want to be. Go up a level, and you’ll see the wp-content directory. Inside that is themes, inside that is twentyeleven, and inside that is the correct functions.php file.

    Christine Rondeau


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    You need to look in the wp-content / themes folder.
    The functions.php you edited is in your theme.
    Not sure what theme you were using, but in the themes folder, there should be more folder, one of which is your theme and contains the functions.php.

    You never want to touch any files in the wp-admin and wp-includes folder, just wp-content.

    Ok, I think I’ve located my functions.php file. The problem now is that it’s in Notepad and I’m having trouble finding the code I pasted. I pasted it at the very end of the file, but it’s not at the end in Notepad. Do I perhaps have the wrong file opened or could it be mixed in there somewhere?

    Ok, never mind. I found it and deleted the paste. I am able to get to my site again, but there is another ‘fatal error’. Uggh!

    Alrighty–Think I have the problem solved now! Thank you both for your help. I really appreciate it!

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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