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    Hi, I got this error that shows up in Google Lighthouse. Do you know where it could have come from?

    TypeError: Failed to update a ServiceWorker for scope ('') with script (''): An unknown error occurred when fetching the script.

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  • I am setting up Super PWA for the first time and see this same error when I run the Chrome Lighthouse plugin (with my domain). Let me know if you figured it out!

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    Tried to reproduce this error at my end. Unfortunately, Lighthouse is run into an error called PROTOCOL_TIMEOUT. πŸŒ‹

    If I’m right, this error is mainly caused bcoz of a case when Service Worker is outside the scope of the PWA. I think a simple tweak over the SuperPWA settings page will help you.

    For the same, simply select the ‘Start Page’ from the settings page from to, so that the page will come under the scope (you can see the URL which is currently set as Start Page within the respective description). Mostly you will be noticing the Start Page as ‘Homepage’ by default, change that to your ‘Home Page’ or any other ones from the dropdown. πŸ§ͺ

    Hope that will do the magic! Stay Safe!😊

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    Thank you for your answer @josevarghese
    Unfortunately, it didn’t change anything. The problem must be with ServiceWorker?

    Tried testing the website over Lighthouse via my another laptop. I cannot even find any error like over the report as you’ve mentioned, the only error which I’ve noticed is related to the size of Splash screen icon you’ve used. Seems like you’ve used 513*513 image within the place of 512*512px. πŸ™ˆ

    Also would like to add that, if any errors were occuring with Service worker the PWA won’t even work. When I tested your PWA, it seems like all the PWA features is working perfectly over the mobile device πŸ‘. Try to clear the cache and storage and test it again at your end. Hope that will help you. 😊



    Having same error: any news about?

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    @viljevitch Nothing has changed so I changed plugin πŸ€“

    What plugin you use now?
    I have same problem.

    Same error for

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    @masterross @an52 @viljevitch

    I came back to this plugin because the other one I was using generated a lot of errors… But I still have the same error in Lighthouse and even with the @josevarghese tips, nothing changes. The error is still there…

    I came back to this plugin because the other one I was using generated a lot of errors

    I went back to PWA-WP after the author explained that the extra code goes in functions.php and now I have no errors.

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    So now you don’t use “Super PWA” anymore but “PWA for WP & AMP”? And you don’t make mistakes with “PWA for WP & AMP”? @an52

    And you don’t make mistakes with β€œPWA for WP & AMP”

    No. My URL is posted above. Check it with Lighthouse.

    But your site has a score of 92, 100, 100, 98 (no PWA). I’m sure you can fix the tap targets and get a perfect 100 score.

    The first number will change based on your server load. Mine is on a shared server and I see a range of 72 to 92.

    BTW, you have a great site.

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    Thank you! πŸ˜‰ I send you an email.

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