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    Hi there,

    I inherited a site and moved it from another server. During the move, the site was moved from a /wp root to a / root. The PHP version may also differ between the servers, I am running 5.3.18.

    The site is using version of the CF7 plugin. I have recently found that the contact form is not working – it is simply returning the red error box that results from this response:

    captcha: null
    into: "#wpcf7-f19-t1-o1"
    mailSent: false
    message: "Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact the administrator by another method."

    I figured that the SMTP plugin was to blame, however I have tried three SMTP plugins and the standard wordpress mail function, all of which can send emails fine from any email adress.

    I can’t seem to find any information as to what the error actually is through the script; even turning on PHP errors seems to report nothing at all.

    Would anyone be able to offer advice on what might be going wrong with the plugin after the move?

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  • Here is a link to the form in question:

    <p>For general enquiries please complete the following form:</p>
                    <table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
                            <td>[text* name]</td>
                            <td>[email* email]</td>
                            <td>[text phone]</td>
                        	<td valign="top"><strong>Comment</strong></td>
                            <td>[textarea comment]</td>
                            <td>[submit class:send "&nbsp;"]</td>
    You have received a new contact:
    Name: [name]
    Email: [email]
    Phone: [phone]

    Hi all,

    This has become very urgent and I am not sure if I can continue to use this plugin for contact if I can’t fix it! I would very much like to continue using what is already in place, but I can’t debug much, if at all, what is going wrong with it.

    Does anyone have any information on how to debug this plugin, or perhaps any experience in moving sites?

    1st. Disallow the contact form, if something doesn’t found just leave it by this moment.
    2nd. If you understand basics things of PHP language, try to send and e-mail with mail() function. This function uses the <<server SMTP>> default configuration. If the function doen’t found, thats able to think about a “wrong setup op SMTP server configuration”.

    Note: I’m not sure about if Contact Form 7 uses only mail() function, but without an SMTP vars configuration, that lets me think about it.

    According to this its an actual problem with the mail server and not the plugin.

    See Contact Form 7 Email Issues. Don’t use SMTP via SMTP plugins unless you need to for your particular local configuration. It can create a number of extra unnecessary issues when sending emails from WordPress.

    Hi guys,

    I have tested basic mail() and wp_mail() commands, both work fine sending to and with any addresses. SMTP plugins also can send email fine; there doesn’t appear to be an issue with mail itself.

    I’m not using an SMTP plugin anymore, and WordPress emails are working fine.

    After reading the CF7 class files, it appears they use the wp_mail function to send email – that function works fine when used by other scripts, so I’m not sure what’s going wrong with CF7.

    Does anyone know how to further debug the cause of the failure? The only response given by the server is mailSent: false.

    Alright, I have no idea why, but this time when I disabled the SMTP plugin it is sending emails again.

    I guess there was still something stuck in the wordpress system from when I removed the SMTP plugins beforehand and tested with straight wordpress email.

    Thanks for your help

    MY site new domain name add wp-config.php WP_HOME and wp_SITEURL
    change domain name, my site work as good,
    e-mail not send (any email) ???

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