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    Hello, Yannick,

    first of all, thank you for your great work. It is a great WP PlugIn. You have to get used to it. But with so many functions it is obvious.

    I have a problem with the output of search results

    The display is a simple list. The description is only displayed as a tooltip via mouse over.

    If I search for something I get results of the link names and tooltip texts.

    1. tooltip results are also found. But the search term is not marked yellow.
    2. the display contains partly html code.
    Rose Know How concentrated. E.g. choice of variety, modern, historical roses, cutting, grooming, fertilizing, breeding etc.” target=”_blank”>Schmid Gartenforum (Roses)
    Roses” target=”_blank”>Tomato Forum
    I could send you a screenshot if u like.

    Die WebSite ist hier:

    That’s not so nice. Do you have a solution for it?

    Love, Markus

    Translated with (free version)

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Ah, sorry, Yannick,
    I forgot something else.

    I have an article picture and some introductory text before the search and the categories or link entries.

    During a search the new ad always jumps to the top of the page.

    Example here:

    I solved this by setting an anchor so that the user does not have to scroll down first. And at the Results Page Address I have entered the anchor URL:


    This works well. Only with a serach RESET this address is not used. The user will end up at the top of the site again

    Is there somewhere I can change that?

    Happy Sunday, best wishes and health,


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    Plugin Author Yannick Lefebvre


    Hello Markus, I have just released version 6.5.7 of Link Library to address all of these issues. The problem with the tooltip is that the plugin tried to put tags to highlight the keywords, even though it’s not possible to put HTML tags in the tooltips.

    For the search reset, it now uses the search target URL if it’s present.

    Please confirm that this corrects your issues and consider donating to support this plugin’s development.

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    Hi Yannick,

    thanks for ur quick response. Sunday 😉
    Update solved the target URL Problem with search reset.

    Tooltip resuls are missing. I could live with no highlited search text in the tool tipps. but if the search in the description is missing totaly …
    Not all keywords are in the title. So most searches will miss the right results.

    Is there a way to prevent the plugin to add html to the tooltips? better not highlighted than only 20% results. What do u think?

    Or ad the serach keyword to the Title and dont display tooltip

    Anyway. Your Plug in for shure is worth donating. And i will do that. But by now am loosing house, job, my lil company… Everything. So it can be just symbolic. And I will do that. Good success. Did you think about a pro Version with anual fees?
    I would not be able to afford by now. But Your Plugi in is worth thinking about that.

    Have a nice sunday – Mark

    Plugin Author Yannick Lefebvre


    I am not sure I understand what you mean by Tooltip results are missing. If I run the following search on your site:

    I get results that include Kategorie in the description that appears in the tooltips, without the word Kategorie in the link names.

    While I have thought about making a pro version, I don’t want the headaches that come from people paying a yearly fee for a plugin. Some users already ask for the moon from a free plugin, I can only imagine what they would ask from a paid plugin.

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    Hi Yannick

    thanks for the second quick answer on sunday 😉

    U are right. the Search results show entries wich contain the keyword in the tooltip text. I choose a bad example with my first test, sorry for wasting your time.
    1 idea to mke it a bit better. Dont know how much work that would be.

    If u take the search keyword and add it to the entries wich dont contain it in the title and make it yellow. I mean the entries shown taht contain the keyword in the tooltip, wich isnt shown anymore.
    But this is lil thing i miss. I am happy how it works now. 😉

    And yes I understand. When i watch the support threads. omg thats pure horror. So many people in such a bad mode.

    I am using geodirectory. they are very polite but straight as well to strange customers who want impossible things. Take a look at em. They do it in a nice way. But dont sell theit souls to idiots.

    So take care. I still dont understand everything of your gret work. But its a great work. U can be very proud of that.

    Have a nice eve – Mark

    PS. sorry for my poor English – did not yuse deepl this time. Hope everything is understandable. 😉

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    At geodirectory there established a developer and support scene. Freelancers, which do custom adjaustments and special support. There are some Germans which had done Videos to explain your plugIn, May be this would be a way to avoid too much bad energies from idiots.

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    Hi Yannick,

    one more question after hours of searching and trying. Dont want to waste your time.

    I have category drop down menü.

    I would like to limite the depth level of categories shown in the pull down to 2
    I tried that with

    Child category depth limit

    At library settings / links – but it does not work

    I could not find a similar switch at library category options.

    How can i avoid large category lists?

    Best regards – Markus

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