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    I’m getting the error (Error saving media attachment) when I try to upload pics. I have tried all of the suggestions included in other posts – even hoped that WP would create the upload file – it didn’t. So I created it in the wp-content folder, tried again, and it still didn’t work. I’m at a loss as to how to get pics uploaded. Please let me know what else to try!!

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    Been there, done that… as I mentioned, I’ve tried everything everyone had previously suggested…. still no luck!

    I am having the same issue. I am currently receiving the following error via the Flash uploader:

    “image.jpg” has failed to upload due to error
    Failed to write to disk.

    And “Error saving media attachment” via the browser uploader.

    Upon looking through various threads that have been written over the past couple of years, I have attempted/done the following:

    • Cleared cache on multiple browsers. Attempted to upload on multiple computers
    • Checked to make sure I have the most up to date version of Flash.
    • Re-installed the latest version of WP. Currently running 3.1.
    • Added the code `<IfModule mod_security.c>
      SecFilterEngine Off
      SecFilterScanPOST Off
      </IfModule>` to .htaccess
    • Changed permissions for the path to where files are uploaded to 777, then 766; currently set to 755.
    • Changed upload folder in admin panel.
    • Created folder in the root directory labeled “tmp,” and added upload_tmp_dir=”/tmp” to the php.ini file.
    • Called my hosting company twice and attempted to explain my situation. Asked them to clear/repair any temp folders they might be able to see that I can’t. They said everything was working fine and that it was probably a WP error (although all signs point to them). What would be the best verbiage to use, if there is any?

    Are there any other things anyone here might suggest that I have not thought of or seen? Any help would be appreciated.

    Double check no slash in front of wp-content. Can you ftp to wp-content/uploads/2011/03?

    And your url please.

    I just double checked, and yes, I can FTP to the folder. I haven’t had any problems with WP over the last three years with an issue like this. The last time I was able to upload was on the 8th, weeks after 3.1 came out, so I don’t feel like it’s anything that WordPress is doing wrong.

    My site is:

    garretble leads to a 404 error. It should show something like this

    Somehow the permissions, which btw you are correct should be 755 for the folders are incorrect.

    If you can ftp to the folder then you should be able to see the ftp’d image through the browser. Do you have the url of that image?

    Have you looked at your error log to see what is causing the problem?

    I uploaded this just now (via FTP) and I seem to be able to see it:

    I am still double checking the permissions for wp-content/uploads, but all right now seem to be set to 755 still.

    I did the same thing with …/wp-content/uploads on my site and got the 404 error too. I don’t have the ability to change permissions on my folders, but I created it within the wp-content folder so wouldn’t the permissions get inherited? I am running on a windows server with GoDaddy if this helps at all. Please advise on any other recommendations. Thanks!!

    @imy: I am with GoDaddy as well. Did this just start happening with you too? Something smells fishy. SOMEONE CALL DANICA PATRICK; WE NEED THIS FIXED.

    Via the browser, I can see the pic in the folder, but it’s not showing up on the Media panel via the WP Dashboard. What else can I do???

    I only just installed WP so don’t have any other past experience with it.

    lmy I don’t know if permissions get inherited but after decades in computers I assume nothing :^)

    If you can’t change permissions you need to ask GoDaddy how to do this or do it for you.

    garretble If you can upload via ftp you should be able to upload via WP.

    lmy By seeing the image in the browser, I don’t mean looking at the folder but looking at the path, the url of the image itself. Can you see it that way?

    As for the 404 error. Maybe this is the way GoDaddy does it rather than the message my host puts up.

    (Edit) As it turns out, it is a 403 error.

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