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  • Resolved Malcolm


    An import of a CSV file row with an email that matches an existing user appears to have a problem. My test data had just 4 columns – username, email, first_name and last_name. I set the “Update Existing Accounts” option to yes, because I want changes to email addresses in existing accounts to be included. The row was identified as a error, but both the password and the meta tags in the row were updated anyway. Was this what was intended?

    Removing the call to wp_set_password at line 286 in importer.php would stop the password from being changed. In addition adding a test for $problematic_row around rows 382 to 497 would stop meta entries being updated for problem rows.

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  • Plugin Author Javier Carazo


    Good morning @malcolm-oph,

    It think the problem is that the plugin is not designed to update the emails.

    If you don’t want to change the password read the documentation please:

    Passwords A string that contains user passwords. We have different options for this case:
    If you don’t create a column for passwords: passwords will be generated automatically
    If you create a column for passwords: if cell is empty, password won’t be updated; if cell has a value, it will be used

    If you want to make able to import the mails if you support the cost of the develop, we can prepare a new process to do it.

    Tell me and we do.


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