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  • I have a Let’s encrypt certificate expiring tomorrow. Recently I changed hosting and they don’t support Let’s encrypt. so I had to install this plugin.
    Now while doing the set up, I have the error: Registration key is already in use.
    Probably because I have already a let’s encrypt certificate for the website (but it is expiring in one day).
    What do I have to do?

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  • I am tryin to generate a certificate, but →
    “Challenge self check failed for domain xyz”

    Hi – I’ve looked at the validation code of WP-Encrypt and do not have enough information to debug. What I can suggest is that something is probably odd with your domain ownership. Please read the “Domain Validation” article and see if your site meets the criteria:

    If you can let me know the domain name, I might be able to help a little more…

    @robmason38 this /*
    if ( isset( $response[‘status’] ) && 200 !== absint( $response[‘status’] ) ) {
    return $this->parse_wp_error( $response );
    */ did not work for me

    my case is that after i registered my account nothing happened, i did not see the ‘generate certificate’ button so i clicked on the ‘register account’ button again and i saw an error message; ‘registration key is already in use’. please, what do i do?

    I had the same problem on a wordpress launched from the aws marketplace through bitnami. I tried @robmason38 ‘s horrible hack as is, but it didn’t work. I noticed that @pratiksethia1 introduced a “/“ in the comment line describing the horrible hack. That finally made it!

    Thanks a lot

    Terrible ? .. Not at all ! The only answer for the problem, and it work ! 🙂
    Thank YO MUCH !!! 🙂

    Thank you @robmason38

    thank you for posting that fix
    You have made my weekend.

    Instead of me trying to work out what was going wrong,
    I got to spend the time watching my kid riding a bike with no stabilizers for the first time ever.
    Thanks to you I was able to see that magic moment instead of being stuck on my PC.

    May karma pay you back a thousand times over.

    This suggested fix here works.

    To explain the underlying problem and a correct fix for it, should anyone manage to resume maintenance on this:

    This problem is caused because letsencrypt has already been used on your server within the account hosting the website you’re trying to set up, but likely for a different domain name. By default, the plugin looks for and stores your letsencrypt data in a directory called ‘letsencrypt’ which is next to your document root for the website (at the same level in the tree).

    The plugin notices that you already have a registration key, and tries to use it to “refresh” the registration. This fails because the registration was previously made using a domain name that isn’t the one you’re now using. You *can* use the same registration key for multiple domains, but not to make a new registration. The trick (and correct fix for the plugin) is that it needs to look on the filesystem to see if you are already registered, and just use the one that’s already there (and immediately make the Generate Certificate button available). In fact, this is essentially what you’re doing (the hard way) with the above patch. It tries to register, it fails, the patch earlier in the thread makes it ignore the error code and write the registration key off the filesystem into the database anyway. Now you’re linked to that registration and can make new certs.

    If you get an error about validation failed afterwards, that’s a separate issue, and probably because the plugin also assumes that if your domain name doesn’t start with ‘www.’ that it’s also accessible at ‘www.’ and tries to generate a cert for both. If ‘www.’ in front of your domain doesn’t actually exist, it’ll fail. If you have control of your DNS, it’s easier to add the additional subdomain than to hack the plugin to not make a www. cert.

    WP-Encrypt -> CertificateManager.php
    where can i found “CertificateManager.php”?

    Here’s the path to CertificateManager.php


    Hey there, I am also stuck after applying the wonderful hack by @robmason38 however, I too have the issue of ‘Challenge remote check failed for domain’ when attempting to generate the certificate. Any thoughts? I’m using wordpress if that helps.


    This is a different problem. Only suggestion I can make is to disable SSL until the renewal completes, and then re-enable. I once had a similar problem using HSTS and redirection from 80 to 443.


    …and it’s not a wonderful hack. It’s truly horrible!! 😁

    Thanks for the quick reply! Sorry for my ignorance, but when you state, disable SSL, do you mean to inactivate LetsEncrypt? If so, how can I track when or if a renewal completes? Thanks again @robmason38 !

    Disgraceful that the developers are simply ignoring everyone when all have the same issue. For over 1 year people are complaining and they do not post a simple fix?

    Hey, thx for the work, yet
    I am on a virtual host (sharing a server), so i dont have access to these folders:

    I use a preinstalled WP, and I so I didnt find a way to install ssl yet.
    Any idea?

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