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    Hello I am getting the below error when adding a batch

    Warning: Queries without ‘connected_type’ are no longer supported. in /home/standard/public_html/an/wp-content/plugins/badgeos/includes/p2p/p2p-core/query-post.php on line 16
    Define the required “steps” for this achievement to be considered complete. Use the “Label” field to optionally customize the titles of each step.

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  • Hi hamzahall,

    I can say for certain that the p2p part of the BadgeOS plugin is a separate component that was included in the overall plugin to help with how BadgeOS runs.

    Could you give as much detail as you can regarding the steps you took that resulted in the error? It’ll help the developers debug the issue. Once I have that, I’ll file an issue on GitHub for it and we can get back to you as soon as we can.

    I did a new installation of

    wordpress latest,
    mycred wordpress plugin

    When i tried to add a new batch i get the following error

    Just so we’re clear, what do you mean by batch? Just a series of steps to complete, as opposed to trying to bulk import?

    What other plugins do you have active?

    This is the mycred plugin mentioned above?

    Trying to gather as much information as I can to help debug, so hopefully you don’t mind the questions.

    batch = badgeOS sorry,

    I also have woocommerce isntalled.
    mycred plugin is also correct.

    I dont have anyother plugin installed.

    Its a complete new installation.
    If u need i can PM u my login details for WP

    While obviously error messages like this aren’t desireable, and we will definitely work to get them resolved, my question at the moment is if the site/badge has worked even with the error showing up, or if it’s prevented the intended awarding/functionality?

    I installed the myCred and woocommerce plugins as well to best recreate the situation and I got a different error related to the same line as yours. I also saw someone post on github some images that highlight the same error I got, so something is definitely up. However I wanted to see if it was blocking usage or just happening to show up.

    No need to give login creds, I’ll do it best I can on localhost.

    No It didnt work. Got php errors.

    Well, I don’t have a solution on my own, but I did file an issue for this and another related one on GitHub, you can check out any progress or comments, or even contribute feedback here

    i still see this error,

    Just checked and its there only in woothemes canvas theme.

    Please check if you find it relevant

    Mr. Brian Richards has replied on the issue as well, with some code examples to help you.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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