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  • Thought to start a new thread instead as the other thread states “Solved”

    Ok, I have done some tests in different browsers, but the problem persists.

    I’ve been using Galaxy Note II (Jelly Bean) Tried with Chrome, Stock, Dolphin and Maxthon. The first time it lets you comment on and it says comment waiting for moderation, but you never get notification about that comment in your admin panel.

    The second issue is that when trying to comment on the same blog, it starts giving you the same error i.e “Error Posting Comment, Comment being too short”


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  • Directly into any blog reader can leave a comment, the problem is when they try to do the same using the mobile theme.

    Yep, exactly my thoughts.

    I wonder why is there only a couple of us encountering this issue, the plugin has been downloaded about 4 million times. Only two of us been unlucky ?

    Plugin Author BraveNewCode Inc.


    Compatibility is dependent on the individual WordPress configuration (themes+plugins+settings+other customizations) so what works for some may not work for others in exactly the same way. Try plugin conflict testing to rule out any influence by another active plugin.

    To isolate which plugin(s) may be contributing to the trouble, deactivate all except WPtouch from within the WordPress Plugins area, clear your browser cache and local data then test.

    If WPtouch functions well, you may then enable the rest of your plugins one at a time, repeating the process, until you can identify which is/are causing the problem.

    I have this problem as well. I reverted to the default theme, with no luck. Then I disabled all plugins, still no luck. Always says the comment is too short. How do I fix?

    I have this problem, too. Either disabling themes and plugins (only wptouch activated), it doesn’t work. Disabling wptouch, the comments form works regularly. Then, I suppose, it’s a bug of the plugin. Anyone can help me?

    Haven’t been able to solve the issue. I have followed Author’s instructions but of no use.

    Like to hear more suggestions please.

    Plugin Author BraveNewCode Inc.


    Please ensure that you’re running the latest version of WordPress and WPtouch. We have not had reports of this issue in some time so it may be that your versions are not up to date.

    I just logged in and checked, and everything is up to date on the site. WordPress is up to date, the plugin is up to date. I disabled all plugins and tried it, same result. I changed themes and tried it, same result.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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